Saturday, April 28, 2012

topsy turvy

Okay, I wonder why people who say that women or people with disabilities are angry, and do not reflect on themselves, or call rape something that is not rape if people were drugged and don't resist? How did people decidethat denying birthh control wosuld control women and their bodies? I am not a fan of abortion to abort disabled people, but I believe in people's right to choose responsibly. People should not be forced to do whatever. I am shocked that Anchorage is the second most dangerous city for women, with Fairbanks being the third, according to a Forbes report? Saginaw, Michigan is the first, Anchorage, scond, Fairbanks, the third. Wow, and that is really shocking!

Friday, April 20, 2012

update April

Wow, I had real trouble writing in Chrome, so I'm back to IE 8. Okay, it still isn't able to be reviewed. What the heck? The business entrepreneurship class rocks! I love it, even though the web interface is not working and they never tested it on me. Why do people justify themselves by saying that someone else can use it, and compare them with others? That is not a helpful communication. I am a "cheerleader for life." I love that, and I can get into a good mood by thinking about that. We had the Volunteer Appreciation lunch today. Okay, I'd better practice my exercises. I am working on transcribing for Higher Balance, and other things. Koraling Lynne cheerleader for life, with pompoms.