Saturday, November 26, 2011

a good week

My two days at the VA were good. My questions for the panel seemed good, my minutes were good, and I worked on goals for the in-service or cultural competence later next year 2012. I also checked out a book clut that will start in January for the book "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman, but it is the one "Working with Emotional Intelligence" and I am just so excited about what I am doing right now over there. Well, I have to get back to the coaching class. I like those people. Not sure if the DVD will work. Koraling Lynne


Well, the oven had trouble at the house we went to for Thanksgiving. I called friends to wish them a good and happy Thanksgiving. It has snowed a great deal this week. I had a good week except for this cough which will not leave. We are going to have things done at the house next week, and I really appreciate this new property management company, even though they manage 70 properties. Koralking Lynne

still healing

I haven't had a nasty cold though no fever for a few years. I seem to cough more at night. I even took off from my volunteer position for a week or so, because I had no energy. Koraling Lynne I took a lot of Vitamin C and homeopathics. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanging in there

I have had this cold for a week and a half. I have tried two different alternating homeopathics, My nose has dried up, but I still have a sore throat and coughing and and hoarse voice and sometimes not much of a voice. I don't know what to do, and don't feel like going anywhere tomorrow. I probably will. I received the coaching course. I just don't know what to do. I heard about a position that James sent onn Friday for a consumer affairs program analyst I think. Anyway, just wanted to write in here before I saunter off to bed early. I just get tired, and this is dragging me down. Koraling Lynne I haven't gotten this dragged out for a couple of years, and I don't like it. I don't know why I am so run down, but I am that. My friend Cheryl had an impression that I was not feeling well, and she phoned. She will be 67 on Saturday. I made my first online payment today for BITS. That was a definite milestone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging in or out

I remember when I was in high school, my friend Pat had a friend Mary Ellen who lived perhaps in Manhattan. Was it on the UPpwer West Side or something? I was reading with my Optacon a letter or something about someone who had asthma. I was still living in New York. I think we spoke about will to live. If someone does not have the will to live, they die. How sad. The will to live and hopelessness can hurt a lot of people. Many of us feel hopeless, powerless, impotent, etc. We must find ways to connect with each other, so that we do not feel so isolated. This is key! Kkoraling Lynne

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life-long learner

Do people learn for its own sake? Is it intrinsically beneficial and growing your mind? Or is it the means for something else? I was thinking about that. Learning or formal learning can be a chore, and one thinks, as I used to, that it will lead somewhere and to something. I don't know why and how. After my MSW, I had better luck with applying it. Now, with my public administration degree, I'm not sure what to do about it. Koraling Lynne

update week of October 17, 2011

Hello, blog fans! I can't believe that November again has gotten away from me such as other months. I am updating all of you about all things. I am learning about online banking, slowly. I learned that Wells Fargo freezes my inbox when it sends messages. I'll have to phone them. Yesterday, I went to a health fair and the young man of 27 was really nice, and learned a lot from my varied knowledge, experience and the questions I peppered at people from Animal Control, military and veterans family support or something, Identity when I guessed who they were, and several in-home assistance places, none of which take Medicare but all who take MedicAid, veterans benefits andprivate pay. I had an oral surgery test for cancer, a Body Mass Index, blood pressure, thyroid, etc. It has snowed many times since October 31, the first day it snowed here. We had an energy audit last Tuesday and the rater was very nice, indeed, and again, mentioned two of the three things we had mentioned. We did not know about adding insulation to our crawl space and that there is still a leak in the shared hallway. I have gone to the chiropractor a few times, and actually I feel better with my neck except that I have a bad sore throat, something I have not had for quite some time. Koraling Lynne

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

odds and threads to finish

I was watching a dramatization and "described" movie about Joan Brockk Sunday night, and it was very good. She had taught at a blind school in Iowa, I believe, and came in towards the beginning, and then her husband died after she herself became blind, and used a cane. She started doing motivational speaking for medical students, and one of the things she said piqued my interest. Blind people have a better imagination than memory. Very interesting. The "pictures" in our minds, quite interesting. Our inner world is extraordinary and lush and beautiful. She spoke to some group million dollar event or something. I wish I could find out about it. She now lives in Arizona with her new husband. I forgot to mention that yesterday one of the members mentioned holograms, and she does not believe in them, and I said I do believe that we ourselves are holograms and reality is a hologram. We make it up. The doc I saw yesterday was an eye doctor, and he was from New York. He was very nice. The woman who was a traveling nurse was interested in me because she had studied homeopathy for four years. Many of the techniques such as the smell, feel, taste and having chocolate as if for the first time, and being aware of it was very interesting and like Higher Balance speaks about assimilation such as objects, people, and things to get the feeling of the thing or person or experience. She had never heard of Rohun therapy. Koraling Lynne

Still here

Yesterday, I finally got it togethre to write up the amendments. It was cold at the office where I used the Victor Stream and learned it pretty well by going through the Getting Started guide. We had ten people and our guest from AnchorRides came to speak with us. I liked him when I had met him a couple of weeks before when they rolled out the new buses. One member we had not seen in a wile (more than a couple of years) came. That was worthwhile. I seem to awaken at about 6:00 or whatever even if I don't have to, but tomorrow I will have to awaken at something like 5:00 a.m. Wednesday, I met a woman named Elizabeth who is a traveling nurse, and she and I walked a little at lunchtime, and then I got something for lunch which was hot. Integrative health, not so much alternative health was discussed. I had gotten a new Backpack I believe the week before taht was better than the big purse/bag, but not much easier to manage. Though Wednesday was great, the evening I just wanted to pack it in when the nonsense about long-term insuarnce was discussed. Linda drove me there, and Steve drove me back. Steve said I am not that guarded on my blog. Anyway, Thursday I worked on the energy audit, and spoke to a fabulous woman who said that there are jobs at ACS and also at AHFC. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has some great people taht I have spoken to. Alaska Communications Service is interesting. She said we were supposed to meet. That was cool. I touched base with the VA also. Friday, I went to the movies, got a string for my pendants with my friend Anne, and went to the VA, and caught up on projects. Saturday, we received the rest of the appliances, and Sunday we went to Romano's and we were overcharged. We had our favorite driver going back from dinner, and that was good. That is all I can think of right now. I told my son he was awesome this morning. Oh, Thursday, I was really sick and slept a lot, and craved orange juice or ginger ale. I also was on a Health Issues call. I wish I did not feel so rotten all the time, with not much motivation for anything or much of anyone. That is not like me. I did send notes to my homeopathic practitioner about what was going on. I need relief of all sorts of stuff. Another person said you neeed a million dollars to retire. Koraling Lynne