Tuesday, November 1, 2011

odds and threads to finish

I was watching a dramatization and "described" movie about Joan Brockk Sunday night, and it was very good. She had taught at a blind school in Iowa, I believe, and came in towards the beginning, and then her husband died after she herself became blind, and used a cane. She started doing motivational speaking for medical students, and one of the things she said piqued my interest. Blind people have a better imagination than memory. Very interesting. The "pictures" in our minds, quite interesting. Our inner world is extraordinary and lush and beautiful. She spoke to some group million dollar event or something. I wish I could find out about it. She now lives in Arizona with her new husband. I forgot to mention that yesterday one of the members mentioned holograms, and she does not believe in them, and I said I do believe that we ourselves are holograms and reality is a hologram. We make it up. The doc I saw yesterday was an eye doctor, and he was from New York. He was very nice. The woman who was a traveling nurse was interested in me because she had studied homeopathy for four years. Many of the techniques such as the smell, feel, taste and having chocolate as if for the first time, and being aware of it was very interesting and like Higher Balance speaks about assimilation such as objects, people, and things to get the feeling of the thing or person or experience. She had never heard of Rohun therapy. Koraling Lynne

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