Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disability Employment Awareness Month

Our panel was great. We hit it out of the park.Holly wanted to hear my song. Victoria asked if Richie still tuned pianos, and she spoke to him. Mr. Pucket came and spoke to me also. I liked the question concerning what we would tell people about disability. Education Verne and I said. People need to educate themselves, I said, and we have to educate them. Attitudes are so important. More stories and our life histories also. Harrison spoke about people's passsion for going to work every orning. Mentoring people is so important. I said I am a non-conformist, and I always felt different. Adults must ask questions. Dearlene from Bartlett spoke to me, and sheis a firebarand. Koraling Lynne
Well, we got the most snow last winter. However, we'll see how this orks this time. There is only a little snow now, but it has turned cold in the twenties. Koraling Lynne w

Webinar on Producing webinar

This was the second week of the webinar on webinars, and it was awesome. I feel so mpowered and meeting new people. How great is that? Then, Jill mentioned I could help two people she knows about entreprenruship. For those of us who are nontraditional, where the old tired attitudes do not work fo rus, we have to speak out and up for ourselves. It is painting our own mural of life, not someone's idea of who and what we are. Thanks goes to Trish. I learned what RSS is, and what it isand that's great.Koraling Lynne

compare and contrast

On Monday morning, Joe Campbell mentioned in an odd story with the meteorologist that he thought it was funny that blind people play tennis with an adapted ball, court and racket. The article referenced the California School for the Blind. These are attitudes that lead to the perceptions about blind people being clumsy, stupid, and not able to make decisions. Later in the day, twice I was on our paratransit bus for an hour at 3:20 and then going home. People who are cognitively impaired or have problems with memory or might experience dementia cannot speak up or stand up for themselves. Speaking out and making our own decisions is vpivotal. Cinemark has headsets, but if the employees do not know how to enable what is called audio description which was the case on Saturday, then the money is wasted or squandered by the business Century 16. . Koraling Lynne
Self-improvement is what I have been after. To change one's environment, one must change your inner view as well as the outer view. A member of the technology group said I am a peace-maker. I also see when people use certain buzzwords what they mean. People have tried to scare me by saying it is too dangerous to walk, or I might get malled, etc. I canot let that bother me. I walked and jogged on the treadmill Sunday. I am speaking on our disability awareness panel later. Why do I get caught up with people who are in loops, and run the same program day after day? I told someone at the synagogue that I was tired of singing the same thing every year. I even made some mistakes this year. It is so empowering to get back to learning the bus, checking out that environment and making sure I am on the right path. Leaves obscure the saidewalk, and I have to make sure I can hear trafic, and that things are familiar to me. I love life! It is exciting and an adventure to get outside and master the skill again. It uses the brain also because I have to be aware of my surroundings, what is around me and familiar, how the ground feels under my feet. Koraling Lynne

new beginnings

Ron, my homeopathic practitioner, said that I am always for the underdog. I have so much capacity for love and I am not as afraid to walk. I don't accept limitations any more. I went to a song-writing workshop in September, I think, and Start-up Weekend September 21-23. I believe that I can do most anything I set my mind to. I have a free coach, and she sounds like my friend Sylvia. She has her training in social work also. I am also taking a webinar on webinars class. I feel a real shift in me, and a sense of mastery over my fears. I walked for the last time on Friday. I have figured out how to get out of the condo when John helped me in April. I have a bigger network. I wrote a poem for the disabled writers group lsat week. Words have the meaning we give to them, however. How do we view words? We need to know how to listen to each other, and listen to ourselves. We need to work on ourselves. Koraling Lyne

Changing my Environment

I know. it has been a couple of months since I posted. I find the new blogger interface distasteful. I have been thinking about contrast. Why do the few control the many? Why is power so enticing to humans? Why don't we use our brains to solve problems? We like to dumb things down. Last night, I washed my phone. Ever since July, I have been meditating twice a day. I have been walking. It snowed for the first time Monday night for the winter. I finally received assistance so that Skype is in English. That was probably in September. Susan Thompson went through the menus and fixed the rpoblem. I have been walking to Sitka and it has ben clearing my head. I had one trip to the bus last week, and Penny helped me to square off away fro the curb cut. Most people cannto imagine how we "move" around. Koraling Lynne