Monday, June 25, 2012

blind people

Blind people are more detailed, must ask questions, and are more observant, and cannot just relax. It's like being in a stressful situation all the time, because going out is a new adventure or expedititon all the time for us. I can relate to that, as we are ignored or thought of as throw-aways, and not capable or competent. Koraling Lynne
Okay, I visited North dakota for the first time. I met interesting people. A Menenite couple from Iowa, one a third-grade teacher and one a neonatal nurse. Babies are being saved at half a pound. The Menenites are one of three peace churches--Quakers, Church of the Brethren and the Menenites. I spent time with Dimas also, who is my son. It was great to have time with him. I found a friend who did not have a working number. Onlly two people even called on my birthday. I have trouble writing in here. I do my best, but Google has really messed up blogging. I asked people about how they found clients, and how they charged. I am seriously working on market research and price points for, and I am now certified as a mentor after the training May 30, 2012. Lynne cheerleader for life