Friday, December 30, 2011

new year?

Another new year, with what? I want to write goals, and hope to make things better for me and others. But, making things better for others means coming to grips with disappointments in my own life. I wrote an article about my 20 years in Alaska yesterday. Is it solitude or isolation? I never thought of it that way before. I am a social person. I have had doors shut on me, even though when I moved here, I wrote a poem about something like going upstairs and seeing light and the door opening. That idea of who I was and I could be was empowering in 1991 when I felt connected, and on top of the world. And now, I am this haunted, strange person who does not know what to do, and isn't sure where I am headed. Today, things were a little strange, when it took forever to get to the chiropractor, and I never finished the nuts, but had cookies and some candy and hot cider, and then had to use the facilities, and had 30 seconds with the chiropractor. I let it go, and the bus took forever to get there, and then he was busy and I had to wait when I usually do not have to. I forgot to schedule a ride for an appointment I had on Wednesday. I got back for a class on the internet with Higher Balance. I just seem not to care about anything or anybody. I can have ideas, and let things go better, but is it hopelessness or letting go? I don't know. Solitude, solace, or isolation? Lonely or alone? These are interesting ways and perspectives taht are set before us like setting a table. The pall hangs over us like being lulled lured or overtaken by an undertow, and pushes us under, or like we are luring in a fish instead of being an observer and quiet and calm. I would love more connections, more love, friends, more possibilities next year. Am I still looking for approval and recognition? I saw someone at the VA that I had known from peer counseling. I knew his name sounded familiar. Earlier this week, at our Christmas dinner, I could not remember who Elvi Gray-Jackson ran against. Perspective is definitely interesting. I did remember that someone I had seen the name of in 1991 was a reader for me every week for bills and such. Well, enough for now. koraling Lynne

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20 years

If anyone had asked me if I would be here 20 years, I would never have believed it. Dan said I would be here maybe three to five, and I wonder what he is doing now. My son said he is on Facebook, and never answered his friend request. I just fall asleep at any time of the day, and feel weak. No one warned me about this stuff, and chronic diseases, and pain, and if I ate right, and did not take drugs, I'd be better off than if I did. I believe my body can heal better, and we'll see. Koraling Lynne

Sleep and time

When I was peer counseling yesterday, the time just sped by. Both of us were amazed. What is more amazing is that we're on the same journey of self-discovery in many ways. I slept for three hours, because I hardly slept on Sunday night, and awakened just ten minutes before we traded time and my peer counselor buddy came to the door. I slept all afternoon. Then I made sure I slept last night, but I awakened every hour. Koraling Lynne

20 years

Today, it is the 20th anniversary of my coming to Alaska, namely Juneau. I remembering entering the air space and how different the air was.
It was so quiet, one could hear a pin drop. Has Alaska been good? Well, I never had the health problems I have had or the dysfunctionality of things since coming here. I did have adventure, triumph, adversity, and great experiences. I think I should go sometimes. Many older people do leave for "greener pastures" and graze somewhere else. I guess it's not time yet, but health practitioners I have here, as I did when I was leaving california, but then I did not have a house (condo) nor a husband, and I was freer to leave, though I had ties, or cords, and all that and now ... I wonder if I'll ever work again for money.
Okay, Steve, I hope this is easier on the eyes in paragraphs and not jumbled together. Koraling Lynne
I don't want to be dissuaded from the good work I can do here for other people.

Monday, December 26, 2011

more musings

I finished the newsletter lastnight, and I don't have the energy I used to have. It snoed again, and was as low as 7 degrees. I had wanted to accomplish this, and though I could not find updates about blindness I wanted to paste in there. However, what I did put in there was good news and all. Koraling Lynne

a good week

As the spiritual or higher consciousness Higher Balance hbinavigators site is now, I updated the profile, and realized how much I am connected to all sorts of people in the spiritual site. I realize that certain things about the profile I had written last year no longer applied as with certain groups and practices I wanted to do, and did not feel so much on the sidelines. Yesterday, we had steak, potatoes and later salad, and it was good. Our land lines are not working, and thank goodness, that means that I can phone the phone company about interference from the radio. I finally got in touch with one of my HBI friends (Higher Balance Institute) and it was good to speak to her today on Christmas Day. One of our good friends phoned us, but he could not reach us by phone, since they don't work. We tried all of them. Is there something outside the house that got messed up? I don't know. However, the starting of this tread was that I noticed how much I have grown with the spiritual side of my complex nature, and now I can check out the phone problem interfering with phones and Skype. Life coaching, and wisdom that I now have and share it's all good, and working on myself is good. I have so much love and caring, and one of the guests said we had so much to say in our varied experiences she had little to share. As I said, I felt as if I spoke too much, and our hosts were getting tired, and needed to take out the dog. One of the guests wanted to see our dog again, and asked if anyone was walking her. I also explained that unlike any other disability, blind people have communication, mobility and daily living deficits. We spoke about how Alaska had misused the law and that we needed legislation to fix the misapplication of federal law, and why the law was necessary in 1936 with the Randolph-Sheppard Act. Before that, blind people were making brooms, or when I was young, they might be selling lightbulbs, or parents would say that ehy could or would not hire disabled people if they were hiring authorities. I said that the federal government had a hiring quota and no other group had a 2% quota. I feel as if it will be a great year. I have been so blessed, and things can improve. My husband has such good ideals. that is good. Healing is good. I did meditate this morning. Love yourself better than anyone else so that you can spread it out to others. Accepting yourself is so important and letting things go. Stress is harmful, and I said today that the hosts and "cooks" could just relax and take their time. Our dog stayed here tonight, and at first last night my husband said to lead the dog to bed when I went to bed, and I said I'd sleep in the spare bedroom, so the dog would not get angry, my husband would not angry at begin awakened and i would not be angry at both of them or the dog and then he'd get angry. That worked. He said that the dog would go to his middle son if anything happened to him. We spoke about medical costs here and in Mexico, and how certain companies should not exist, as I think insurance companies are superfluous. One of our friends think it is criminal about some companies with power and greed lording it over tohers. We must learn from history, if we only taught it. We spoke of unions, and we spoke about the Sheraton. Indeed, I reminded people tonight that when people talk about unemployment, we always have an employment problem. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, December 25, 2011

wonderful visit

Right now, The Sound of Music is playing again. I'm trying to do my physical therapy exercises. We had a wonderful visit and wondeful food and relaxed visit (though I don't know if they were) and they seemed to have fun with Kayla and Max, at their house, Mary (who I had never met) and Chris's new dogs, and Kayla and Max's adopted dog, and seeing Chris again was great. Politics, family, classic books with Sartre, Camus and a friendly discussion about Samuel Beckett and had he written "Waiting for Godot" which I pronounced he had done, but Chris said someone else had done so, maybe Camus or Sartre. We spoke about my cousin and his resemblance to me because he is famous as a star in the more seemy side of film, but he had been at my house in Los Angeles when my son was small and my husband said that my son is close to him. He is interesting because his work had been in special education and going from that to the industry which I disdained, even as he is my first cousin, and funny, garrulous, gregarious, etc. We spoke about unemployment and also how the Depression or whatever the present is would cascade downward, and how religion is devisive, and pronouncing the "I" in devisive as long like"I" (like me, or "I" like "it" as Max said. I said I heard it both ways. More wars have been fought because of religion, and even though I am Jewish, the fact taht religion does not change, although Judaism and Catholism had folk masses in the 1960's, and Protestant denominations sprung up, High HOly Days don't change, although new interpretations are written. I said I am spiritual, and that my husband does not understand the difference between religion and spirituality. My husband spoke about how religion has hurt our Alaska Natives, and I had said earlier today that they were called "savages" etc. We spoke about mental illness and family, and our feelings about the rabbis, and how Rabbi Rosenfeld had been an excellent, brilliant teacher, andKayla was sorry she missed it, and now I am also. We spoke about humanism that is humanistic Judaism, and I love Reconstructionist Judaism, and I discussed Virginia where I sampled several Jewish places as there were a pletora of them, and apparently family of one of the dinner guests had been involved with humanistic Judaism, and did we know a couple fo people who were exploring this? I discussed "functional blindness" as opposed to statutory blindness and Max and Kaylad had never heard that, nor the statistics about unemployment, where someone might work with Department of Labor that the dinner guests knew. Dinner was delicious, asparagus, turkey (dark meat that Sandy, Kayla and I all like, sweet potatoes (some which have marshmallows) and mashed potatoes, stuffing gravy, greens with candied pecans and pomegranate for the greens, sweet potato rolls, cookies and pumpkin pie. We spoke about dogs, what Johnny Ellis had credited me with about an accessible web newsletter because of what I, as his constituent helped to give education about with him, about AmeriCorps and my husband was upset about what I was making, about how it was a win-win in Virginia with my program analyst job, good money, and seeing my parents when mom was going downhill. Max asked about her and I mentioned dementia, and Kayla said new protocols or medicine was coming out to help. I said I was more spiritual because politics had become so polarized and people could not communicate. We had no idea it was 8:30 by the time we were leaving. It will be 20 years that I have been in Alaska Tuesday, Decdember 27, 2011. Kayla could hardly believe that. Sandy spoke about how good a public speaker I am, because Senator Meyer said how impressed he was by my speech on Martin Luther King Jr., day in 2008. I said that the Anchorage Daily News said the dais or stage was so diverse there was a dog guide on there, and how I was "one of the most electrifying speakers of the day." I said how Lisa Murkowski had recognized me at a grants workshop, and so did Senator Begich, but I am tired now, and want to do more meditation, and go into the background. I'll still try to educate about accessibility with PDF documents, websites, etc., but someone said that maybe it is time for me to have my own business this evening. I would love to earn money that way. Max had been surprised that I worked for the Navy in 2008. I said I wrote a promotional piece for the VA about the Christmas or holiday concert by Bartlett High School, and used the word "mellifluous" and one of my coworkers did not know what it meant, and others did not either. I said how dad had been great about helping me to public speak, and how he brought mom home every day. My husband said he is a wonderful man. The "Wizard of Oz" I saw the end of still makes me cry when the animals get their heart, brain and courage. Our hosts had seen "Hugo" and liked it also. I felt as if I spoke too much, but I do have knowledge, and I am still smart, and as I said Sandy was upset about AmeriCorps paying me so little, but it is a national service. Well, fans, this is a longer post than usual. As I said, we spoke about health and physical therapy, doctors, my orthotics, and thanked the host for giving me the foot and ankle doctor. Koraling Lynne

Thursday, December 22, 2011

very interesting reflections waking up

I awakened and the feeling of a dream was with me but just the remnants of the fact that I had one. I was thinking of Cris Williamson's album "the Changer and the Changed" a great album where she sang "child of God" and the chorus: "Filling up and spilling over, it's an endless waterfall" and the weather person on KTUU here in Anchorage was speaking about ice and water density and the molecules, and I thought of our body being water. Then I wrote a poem in my head, which went something like this: or it's a song: when the time is right the bird will fly, in fourths and fifths like a refrain, Being stuck on the ground and tethered on the ground, Now I lift or move without a sound, As I am beginning to soar, I gain speed and confidence, I fly even more, The wind pushes me through the solar system and the galaxy. Koraling Lynne

the body electric or physical

Yesterday, I felt really good after going to the foot doctor who said the ligaments in my foot (we have more bones in our foot and wrist than anywhere in our body) and the bones in our foot are being strained and inflamed. He also shaved some warts. Anyway, then to the physical therapist and I am thinking differently about balance and stature and posture. It is not easy. I was falling asleep, even though I received enough sleep. I don't get it. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I only got three hours of sleep last night. I vowed to stay up until around 9:00 so I would not awaken too early. The chiropractor worked on me, and that was good, but then I felt so rotten, I was upset. Here we go. I'm going to stop for now, relax for a few minutes and go to bed. Meditation is a great elixir. I did take a homeopathic, and the homeopathics arrived today and my appointment was Friday. I took nox vomica which calmed down my nausea and neck a little. Koraling Lynne Last night Tuesday I also just got three hours of sleep, but Monday night slept well.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sweet Dreams

For the last two days, not as tired. I awakened after 9:00. But after this, I am going to bed. I just crashed. Lately, I just plummet and I cannot keep my eyes open. Since I have to awaken early, I'd better go to bed now. Koraling Lynne

Turning Points

Higher Balance changed its site for members. It is wordpress, and I cannot figure out how to introduce a new post and send it jus tlike the inforenegades I tried to send one or two messages, and found it too frustrating. Their old site is still active. In the class Friday, we were working on healing our bodies by noticing and feeling with our energy centers the blood vessels, bones and lymphatic system. We develop patterns in thought, emotions, and bodily position that we think are normal, but they are not. I told Ron, the homeopath about this, but I had a revelation that pain is a block in the body just like emotions blocks and intellectual blocks, where we have thoughts that perseverate or panic or whatever we think will occur. The instructor online said we should see the color, the shape, the weight or size, or the problem, and keep reducing it or change our thought about it. I discussed it with the chiropractor also. I felt as if a turning point was on the horizon, just on the precipice of one. Hmm. Koraling Lynne

Any dreams left?

I had a dream with babies or I was taking care of a baby and I love babies. Probably, because there were two toddlers there at the party yesterday. I had to get home to it or I'd left it or something. Very strange. Babies have a special appeal. They are so vulnerable and wonderful. At some places, volunteers rock babies. Wow. Koraling Lynne

movie recommendation

Last Tuesday on December 13 2011 we saw a great movie, after I had an unexpected interview I found out about on December 12 at 8:00 in the morning with Fish and Wildlife. Hugo was a movie that my brother recommended. It was about silent movies and the early imagination of movie making. A boy had an automaton that the innovator designed which was really a robot. He said that everything had purpose, and thought that the machine which had purpose and humans had purpose would give him a message if he fixed it after his father died in a museum fire. He gave the movie maker and his wife their vitality, life, livelihood and hope back after the disappointment of people's imaginations had been dashed by the flames going out of war and dstruction of their hopes and dreams. Everyone needs hopes and dreams, and everyone wants to imagine a future which is adventurous, where they can grow and explore, and where they can give their talents to it. What a great movie. Koraling Lynne

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our muscles remember

Our muscles have memory. I discussed this the other day at Advanced Physical Therapy (not an endorsement, but where my friend told me about it) and today at Community Chiropractic, and how we can be retrained. So, the biology of belief that Bruce Lipton titled his book is so true. We can help our muscles repair and remember what they should, and I asked the chiropractor about sleep, and when I have off as I do today, I am in a deeper sleep. It's glorious, and I actually feel rested. My serves aren't hurting as much. Koraling Lynne

Thursday, December 8, 2011


We had a good meeting of the multicultural committee as I volunteered. I'm off tomorrow to the chiropractor and maybe, just maybe, I'll get some things done, I need to work on BITS and on the life coaching course. That is all for tonight. Koraling Lynne


People don't seem to have courtesy any more. I don't mean politeness, and I do mean respect and dignity for all. We have more communication devices, and less communication. No one knows how to really listen and observe, and listen to the cadence of the speech, or not judge and not realize that we are all a beautiful mosaic and patterns of humanity. We all try to make it in this world. How can we not respect the whole of humanity? How can we be so self-motivated and selfish? People don't notice each other. They don't notice how isolated many blind people are. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magic and artistic pursuits

I read a blog post on my Higher Balance site and the premise is taht writing is art because it is transformative, and may put one into a trance of sorts. When we become engrossed in a book, it can be magical. What about the word culture? Is the word "cult" part of culture? Is the word "spell" using words to invoke some state of mind? Magic is not just sleight of hand, is it? No, it is the language and the words and how powerful they can be. Spell is what the modern person uses for the configuration of symbols to form words, is it not? How do we choose the words we use? We use modern English, not the more German English of middle English or whatever Beowolf or those other very early books were written in, that we could not quite understand. I may have spelled Beowolf incorrectly. Nevertheless, I found the idea that art is magic and maybe magic is art, intriguing and quite interesting to reflect upon. Koraling Lynne

facing people

I was thinking that sighted people don't know how we know what people are thinking. So much is conveyed through the face. I won't know when to back off, because I hear the words and don't see the face, or I won't know if someone has a worried expression because I can't see them before I get angry or upset at them. I am very good, I always thought, about reading people, but I have thought people were angry or upset and maybe they were just teasing, because I could not see the corners of their mouths turn up. Dad and Sandy are sardonic at times, and I miss what they mean, or I tend to have pits in my stomach (not cherry pits) because I don't know if they mean what they say. We do have a vivid imagination. I am also referring to those who are, for all practical purposes, totally blind. We feel trapped and am inwardly focused and very self-reflective. Even if we could not see our reflection in a pool, the isolation that we often face gives us plenty of time to read and think and imagine. Yes, even though I have never seen, I imagine based on what I read or heard, since I have read a lot, and continue to try to keep my mind active. Any thoughts, anyone? Feeling someone's face has never worked, and leaves me squeamish. I know the words "frown" "smile" and always wonder if my face shows my real emotion, or if I am inscrutable? If someone sounds agry, I don't know if their face is relaxed, and I have no way to temper what I think or anything. I think music and meditation is something I relate to and understand. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Any dreams left?

I dreamed towards the morning that I forgot to go to the Veteran's Administration Healthcare System. I was late or something, and phoned my supervisor. I have no motivation to do anything these days. I am better from the cold, and that is good. I keep wanting things to get better. There are good things such as a friend phoning on Thursday night, which was very nice, even though I was already asleep. Saturday night I stay up for folk music. I have to schedule rides tomorrow, although since this blog seems to work on California time, it is probably Sunday already. I have to stop volunteering for things, and get on things I can do to take action, as my son says. For a short time, I could breathe better after the bad cold. I am a loving person, and want more out of life than I have now which is satisfying, and I wish I had more friends. Oh, well, if I had started this blog and took a time capsule back twenty years, what a different thing it would be. It seems like that, anyway. I want to work on the coaching DVD, work on PayPal for BITS and bills were paid Wednesday so I wrote the card number down, but nothing excites me. I do really like the people at the VA and what I am doing, if there is something I can think of to do, that is. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a good week

My two days at the VA were good. My questions for the panel seemed good, my minutes were good, and I worked on goals for the in-service or cultural competence later next year 2012. I also checked out a book clut that will start in January for the book "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman, but it is the one "Working with Emotional Intelligence" and I am just so excited about what I am doing right now over there. Well, I have to get back to the coaching class. I like those people. Not sure if the DVD will work. Koraling Lynne


Well, the oven had trouble at the house we went to for Thanksgiving. I called friends to wish them a good and happy Thanksgiving. It has snowed a great deal this week. I had a good week except for this cough which will not leave. We are going to have things done at the house next week, and I really appreciate this new property management company, even though they manage 70 properties. Koralking Lynne

still healing

I haven't had a nasty cold though no fever for a few years. I seem to cough more at night. I even took off from my volunteer position for a week or so, because I had no energy. Koraling Lynne I took a lot of Vitamin C and homeopathics. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanging in there

I have had this cold for a week and a half. I have tried two different alternating homeopathics, My nose has dried up, but I still have a sore throat and coughing and and hoarse voice and sometimes not much of a voice. I don't know what to do, and don't feel like going anywhere tomorrow. I probably will. I received the coaching course. I just don't know what to do. I heard about a position that James sent onn Friday for a consumer affairs program analyst I think. Anyway, just wanted to write in here before I saunter off to bed early. I just get tired, and this is dragging me down. Koraling Lynne I haven't gotten this dragged out for a couple of years, and I don't like it. I don't know why I am so run down, but I am that. My friend Cheryl had an impression that I was not feeling well, and she phoned. She will be 67 on Saturday. I made my first online payment today for BITS. That was a definite milestone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging in or out

I remember when I was in high school, my friend Pat had a friend Mary Ellen who lived perhaps in Manhattan. Was it on the UPpwer West Side or something? I was reading with my Optacon a letter or something about someone who had asthma. I was still living in New York. I think we spoke about will to live. If someone does not have the will to live, they die. How sad. The will to live and hopelessness can hurt a lot of people. Many of us feel hopeless, powerless, impotent, etc. We must find ways to connect with each other, so that we do not feel so isolated. This is key! Kkoraling Lynne

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life-long learner

Do people learn for its own sake? Is it intrinsically beneficial and growing your mind? Or is it the means for something else? I was thinking about that. Learning or formal learning can be a chore, and one thinks, as I used to, that it will lead somewhere and to something. I don't know why and how. After my MSW, I had better luck with applying it. Now, with my public administration degree, I'm not sure what to do about it. Koraling Lynne

update week of October 17, 2011

Hello, blog fans! I can't believe that November again has gotten away from me such as other months. I am updating all of you about all things. I am learning about online banking, slowly. I learned that Wells Fargo freezes my inbox when it sends messages. I'll have to phone them. Yesterday, I went to a health fair and the young man of 27 was really nice, and learned a lot from my varied knowledge, experience and the questions I peppered at people from Animal Control, military and veterans family support or something, Identity when I guessed who they were, and several in-home assistance places, none of which take Medicare but all who take MedicAid, veterans benefits andprivate pay. I had an oral surgery test for cancer, a Body Mass Index, blood pressure, thyroid, etc. It has snowed many times since October 31, the first day it snowed here. We had an energy audit last Tuesday and the rater was very nice, indeed, and again, mentioned two of the three things we had mentioned. We did not know about adding insulation to our crawl space and that there is still a leak in the shared hallway. I have gone to the chiropractor a few times, and actually I feel better with my neck except that I have a bad sore throat, something I have not had for quite some time. Koraling Lynne

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

odds and threads to finish

I was watching a dramatization and "described" movie about Joan Brockk Sunday night, and it was very good. She had taught at a blind school in Iowa, I believe, and came in towards the beginning, and then her husband died after she herself became blind, and used a cane. She started doing motivational speaking for medical students, and one of the things she said piqued my interest. Blind people have a better imagination than memory. Very interesting. The "pictures" in our minds, quite interesting. Our inner world is extraordinary and lush and beautiful. She spoke to some group million dollar event or something. I wish I could find out about it. She now lives in Arizona with her new husband. I forgot to mention that yesterday one of the members mentioned holograms, and she does not believe in them, and I said I do believe that we ourselves are holograms and reality is a hologram. We make it up. The doc I saw yesterday was an eye doctor, and he was from New York. He was very nice. The woman who was a traveling nurse was interested in me because she had studied homeopathy for four years. Many of the techniques such as the smell, feel, taste and having chocolate as if for the first time, and being aware of it was very interesting and like Higher Balance speaks about assimilation such as objects, people, and things to get the feeling of the thing or person or experience. She had never heard of Rohun therapy. Koraling Lynne

Still here

Yesterday, I finally got it togethre to write up the amendments. It was cold at the office where I used the Victor Stream and learned it pretty well by going through the Getting Started guide. We had ten people and our guest from AnchorRides came to speak with us. I liked him when I had met him a couple of weeks before when they rolled out the new buses. One member we had not seen in a wile (more than a couple of years) came. That was worthwhile. I seem to awaken at about 6:00 or whatever even if I don't have to, but tomorrow I will have to awaken at something like 5:00 a.m. Wednesday, I met a woman named Elizabeth who is a traveling nurse, and she and I walked a little at lunchtime, and then I got something for lunch which was hot. Integrative health, not so much alternative health was discussed. I had gotten a new Backpack I believe the week before taht was better than the big purse/bag, but not much easier to manage. Though Wednesday was great, the evening I just wanted to pack it in when the nonsense about long-term insuarnce was discussed. Linda drove me there, and Steve drove me back. Steve said I am not that guarded on my blog. Anyway, Thursday I worked on the energy audit, and spoke to a fabulous woman who said that there are jobs at ACS and also at AHFC. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has some great people taht I have spoken to. Alaska Communications Service is interesting. She said we were supposed to meet. That was cool. I touched base with the VA also. Friday, I went to the movies, got a string for my pendants with my friend Anne, and went to the VA, and caught up on projects. Saturday, we received the rest of the appliances, and Sunday we went to Romano's and we were overcharged. We had our favorite driver going back from dinner, and that was good. That is all I can think of right now. I told my son he was awesome this morning. Oh, Thursday, I was really sick and slept a lot, and craved orange juice or ginger ale. I also was on a Health Issues call. I wish I did not feel so rotten all the time, with not much motivation for anything or much of anyone. That is not like me. I did send notes to my homeopathic practitioner about what was going on. I need relief of all sorts of stuff. Another person said you neeed a million dollars to retire. Koraling Lynne

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

blog of note

Christopher Gray, the Immediate Past President of American Council of the Blind, sent an e-mail about his new blog and he has four threads already. If I knew how to link to it, I would do so, but I cannot figure out how to do that on blogger. Sorry. Thanks. Koraling Lynne

Cleaning up

Odds and ends--A great and competent chiropractor yesterday. I reallly enjoyed him. I have been meditating more frequently. That's good, also. An alumni meeting of students did not happen, and the AnchorRIDES came pretty close after I had phoned about an earlier ride. That's enough for now. Koraling Lynne

singing is good for the soul

A woman driver likes my singing and asked me to sing today. She said she had discussed this with my husband. It is good for our soul. It is the way we interpret things, I believe, and gives us purpose and meaning, and fills us up with beauty and brings more beauty to the world. Koraling Lynne

visionary if not having vision literally

In going through Myers-Briggs summaries with someone else, I liked the visionary stuff and not so much the Executive. That was the difference between "perceiving" and "judging" in the last pair of sixteen options. It was interesting to see the pitfalls as well as the strengths. Musical, writing, and multi-faceted, but disliking incompetence and inefficiency, flexible, as well. Consultant was with the visionary, and entrepreneur was with both the extrovert, intuitive, thinking and perceiving, or extrovert, intuitive, thinking and judging. I also love the concept of "emotional intelligence" and think that is so important to how people behave as leaders. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going to the dogs and humor

I phoned Pilot Dogs and a friend is going there tomorrow Sunday, that is the 23. Poodles are not in supply very much. Steve Hoyt said I need four (not the usual three) references, and an eye doctor's report not just an MD. I said "I don't even know four people." He laughed. He said he needed a picture and I wanted to know if he was going to judge according to a picture. He needed to know size to pick the right dog. Koraling Lynne

singing for my soul

The morning driver liked my singing of Bill Withers and show tunes. He said I should go on the show :Sing-off" and know modern songs. The partnership liaison and non-profit director who puts partnerships together had comments to delete and add a few things. That lasted all morning to cut and paste and figure out with Peggy's help some comments and such and revisions. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday was good also

Yes, Wednesday I received a phone call about White Cane Safety Week I had sent to Richie and he sent to Channel 11, and I was called to be interviewed by Nick Swan. I appeared three times about 30 seconds, and I was glad that they highlighted the right of way of blind people crossing streets and that drivers should be aware of that. I sent the proclamation to the leadership list for American Council of the Blind Thursday, I think. I have not gotten a chance to look at the introduction to artifical intelligence class. Too busy. Koraling Lynne Steve sorted out the vitamins,which I figuredout, but not the dosage. That's enough for tonight. It was nice of Steve to come by. Koraling Lynne

update week of October 17, 2011

Peggy gave me oneo fthose roller backpacks. That was Thursday. I thought she was showing me one but she said they were half-price, and she got it at Fred Meyer's. I finished the article and she thought it was great. I liked it too. However, it might have been too long. We picked out the new appliances so we're done with that. The mailbox asphalt is done except there is arolled-up tarp. Today, David Arocho sent me some music I liked and still do from when we were young, ecclectic Ralph McTel, Meg Christian, Roy Brown and Daniel Billete (we once went to a concert by Daniel Billete). We also heard the original Lori Lieberman song "Killing me softly" made famous by Roberta Flack.
I phoned an accountant for putting together the 990 for BITS, started a newsletter for the state organization, and had to work on a board list for the accountant, and made appointments with a chiropractor, and podiatrist, and also the box came of treasury stuff for the BITS organization. I was feelig pretty poorly Wednesday and nauseaous neck and back bothering me and panicked, and called a friend, but felt better once I changed homeopathics and things got better. Thursday, Marilyn got our mail, and there was not that much of it. Koraling Lynne

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The musicals and feelings

I love the "Sound of Music" and it almost always makes me cry. I love the true story,and I had never heard it described (in between the dialog) and it was great. Probably, I had missed some things in it before. I feel so good, and so angry and so loving people, a mix of emotions, sometimes. I don't like it when people think they know when other entities might disagree. How strange. Today is Alaska Day. I had not thought about that in a very long time. Well, the "Sound of Music" stopped both airings, and I hope they play it again. One cannot listen to these classics often enough. Koraling Lynne The anti-Nazism and the brutal way the Captain was at first and then softened, it was beautiful and touching. I can't help thinking of Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins also "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" etc. I used to have that with Buffered aspirin, and I would just gag. I was just thinking how mom would give me a bath in the sink, also. Koraling Lynne

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday was good!

Well, Monday was really good. First I got an e-mail about a discrepancy that the state and federal contract seem to be debating, though it may be federal inconsistencies at work with what is called Schedule A for disabled people. We'll see how that works out, as well as Social Security. Most federal bureaucracies do not take people into account. It was a good day because the federal contractor wrote me back a very nice e-mail. Then, I spoke to more people for the case study article about partnewship I am writing. Then unexpected stuff happened such as a tape from a friend with some CD's, and other good stuff, and I am so grateful. Anyway, we'll see what happens. Peggy, a nurse at the VA, said she saw me on Channel 2, and Cindy, who works in Voluntary Services saw me on Channel 2 and 11. So, all in all, a good day. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raise Your Hand to Volunteer

To annonymous, volunteer and helping others in a Soup Kitchen, or radio reading service, (which always needs volunteers to read the newspaper and other material for blind and print-handicapped people) and counseling at a Pioneer Home or conducting activities or visiting veterans etc. is fine. I am talking about it as a daily diet because 70 to 80% of disabled people are not being employed at their right of education, skill and varied experience. No one wants to be kicked to the curb. Many volunteers are smart, or just starting out. I happen to have two masters' degrees, and a lot of experience I would like to use to be a tax-paying citizen, and to really help people. There is no doubt that volunteers save trillions of dollars for government and private and non-profit agencies, and that is okay if that is a choicee. But, when it is not a choice, then i ask who would "choose" to do it for a long period of time? We have a very generous country and state for that. Thanks for listening. Koraling Lynne I'm just bringing up the point that some groups are more likely to be targeted for voluntary service when they are capabel of good-paying jobs, especially women.

who would raise their hand to volunteer

If one is disabled, according to some policy, (and I want to find out if it is fedeeral or state) volunteering is really a job, and is perfectly commendable and acceptable for a blind person, no questions asked, no simpering, no nothing, just be grateful. Problem is, I have been hearing things like this since I was a teen-ager. Don't expect to get a job. Most people won't want to employ us. Attitudes have not changed markedly, even though computers are the rage these days. I have been using a computer since Caryn Navy, my oldest friend gave me one in about 1987. David Holladay sent instructions in Braille for hooking up and starting the Apple 2C. My expectations and desires were not as keen in the 1980's, because I was in my 30's. Now, I yearn for a better life, where people will notice my accomplishments and skills, not because of me, but what I can contribute emotionally, financially and otherwise to society as a whole, and disabled people or their families, in particular. To me, I have volunteered all my life. There is no shame in it, and when I have two masters' degrees, and multiple skills, it is an insulting policy. It is as if it is a fall back position. I also hate being isolated, where no one calls much, and I am starting to reach out more often, and talking to people. I am keeping a positive outlook, and was frustrated that a job offer had to be extended in order for a Schedule A lettter to be written. One organization says they need it to post a resume and that is Bender Consulting in Pennsylvania. One says they need a job offer, the state agency for disabled folks and employment here. Jennifer Lyons was nice enough, and Richie phoned her after my consternation about this. Policies can be confusing and work at cross purposes, and not serve disabled people. Koraling Lynne


I was not clear in the post in July. Dwight was a repair person, who had heart problems, and he also built websites. He was quite fair. Now Kayla and Steve have given me two more computer people, if I can afford it. Anyway, I realize what I need to work on for myself is marketing and recruitment. I am good at networking, helping people with and without disabilities feel enthusiastic, hopeful, and knowledgeable about their skills, and being creative about options. I love people, love coordination, networking, planning events, public speaking, writing, and interviewing people, and I love research. My friend Susie says there must be something that people would pay me for! Kkoraling Lynne

people's issues

People's stories are so interesting. The daughter of a health practitioner sounded a lot like me as a young person. She has a three-year-old son, and is going to school and eventually wants to teach and get the doctorate in literature. Her husband is a high school advisor for students in career exploration. She become pregnant at 20 years old, from someone else who was troubled, and her parents were not pleased. I told her that her life is important to live while she has the energy. I told her to have experiences now and live to the fullest, and enjoy it, because it goes by so quickly. Her husband is also going to school, and wants to pursue a degree in psychology. I also spoke to a bus driver about how he had owned a home which was $2000 a month, and now is $1400 to rent. I was sorry about the situation, since owning a home is usually better, but not when you can't afford it any more. Many companies such as the company that runs our paratransit system will let anyone go who is an insulin-dependent diabetic. Drivers have to keep their diet and weight under control, and this driver knows that this is something he has to avoid. Koraling Lynne


The last few days have been busy. Karla and Kaela had said that there was no opportunity to earn money with web accessibility. I have a problem believing that, since duplicating a process is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't it? Karla said there was good headway with a compnay doing that, and that Kaela is working on conducting reviews or coordinating those reviews. I still think I can work on life coaching, but just do not know. I was really impressed with having a more holistic view of things. I mentioned this last week, I think. Networking for bringing blind teens to Juneau is sometihng that really excites me also. In order to do that, we have to set agendas aside, and work together for the good of a bigger cause. I like that, and I am not the Alaska Independent Blind and do not want to be type cast. I don't want to have these webs of identity all over me. I have to cut the ties that bind me to those identities. I love the networking that had Heidi reach out and David Levy concerning transportation, and I went to the press conference. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Agency Bureaucracy

Well, Social Security wrote me. They are like a bad penny. You never know when they will show up like the grim reaper. Sorry, but I think they are a most dysfunctional agency, most of the time. I've had good people, but in Alaska, not much with that. I won't talk with them any more, basically. I won't paint them with a broad brush, but they are pretty fickle, and again, don't try to work with people, assume guilt before innocence. It's amazing. Most people won't fight them, and most disability agencies won't take on over-payments, because they are too difficult. Most people don't know the blindness provisions, and blind people can be given a bum steer because of that. We need more Social Security advocates, that's for sure. Is it really true that there is not enough money for Social Security cases or assistive technology consulting? Hmm. I am tired of people saying "No" and putting up roadblocks, or as the Hebrew Scriptures says: "don't put a stumblind block before the blind" but we trip all the time, and no one is there to pick us up, or pick up the pieces and "Put Humpty Dumpty together again." There is no "good Samaratin", and no brotherhood, or sisterhood. (Sigh). I only know that Social Security needs reform. Koraling Lynne

Appreciating people

I really appreciate Steve who phoned me wen I was going to bed, but not sleeping, I really appreciate Steve, who phoned me and I spoke in low tones partially because I was not very happy about some emotionally-laden comments that seemed pretty brutal, though things do not upset me as they did in my family, and the real sorrow of a sister-in-law dying who is my husband's daughter my step-daughter. I also spoke in low tones because my husband was sleeping. I had just laid down, and was on the infrared pad. Anyway, I also appreciate the people at the VA, and I really feel appreciated. I spoke to the counselor from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation who is the gatekeeper of funds, and my tickets for transportation ran out yesterday. Our mortgage went up also. Karla had also spoken about Kaela Parks working on accessibility, and that things are getting better. I interact wit all sorts of websites, and I don't see as much movement as I hoped. However, appreciating people and their skills is a good thing. I can't take complaints or difficulties any more, and I seem to get impatient with negativity and ppessimism. Koraling Lynne

Driving People Crazy

Yesterday, Susanna, a Native driver, who has been taciturn, told me that she had thought I was mean, and she admitted that she had been afraid of me. She said, "I hope you are not offended." I have long since jettisoned that organic brain reaction. I told her I had been annoyed with her when she did not find my homeopathic one time from my purse which had fallen. She liked me when I carede about the troubles she was having with deaths in her familly. She also said she missed the radio. So, a driver who was honest, that was great and real. I appreciated that. Koraling Lynne

Inaccessibility of sites

The class on the internet which is free "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" does not allow a blind person to work with the in-class quizzes. All the checked buttons are not labelled. Sometimes, there are no explanations for the quiz questions. I admit that the staff has been responsive. Some of the Higher Balance people who were going to take it and convinced me to take it cannot get on. I did get a message exhorting me to go to the website and that the class had begun. It seems as if there is more dog-eat-dog attitudes in the web accessibility world these days. Karla said that "there is no money in it" on Monday. As I said, I applaud her for a holistic idea of health and wellness and steps towards understanding that a systems approach and whole-person approach should be used, instead of a compartmentalized approach. It was great when Allan was here, but now we revert to our tired and old attitudes, and all that. So, competition, nastiness, what else is next for people to motivate each other? Koraling Lynne I appreciate when people can work together.

Monday, October 10, 2011

more ponderings

Sen. Ellis said that one of our members, Viola, had spoken to him about making sure that the newsletter he put out was in larger font. I ahd also written about the inaccessibility with my screen reader. He really noticed us, and even took our picture on Friday. Koraling Lynne

more about health

I remember that not only were the doctors concerned about the density but the masses detected which were benign cysts. It was great that Karla spoke about weaving in health and wellness into the curriculum and also social work and people feeling better about themselves as blind and visually impaired people. Koraling Lynne Richie, Allan and I went over to the Center today.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Musings

We went to a restaurant on Wednesday night after I came home. I met a new woman named Vickie, and Yarmilla helped me get lunch on Wednesday also. I had chicken on Thursday before we went to the hotel. Once we got to the Coast, I met Margie Bauman, who thought she would see me the next day for the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. I said I had other obligations. It was nice to be there early. The next couple of days had impressive speakers, and little participation. I was sad, and a nw member did arrive. I am not good at recruiting and marketing, I said to one presenter. I did speak to a couple of people while I waited for more testing on Monday. One was the woman I had identified when her daughter sang at our fund-raiser and anniversary for AIB in February or something like that in 2008. I told her the history, and I'm sure she did not buy it, as they say. I felt really good today listening to my husband retelling stories I liked about former friends who are kno longer with us, and his love for his family, his union days, and Alaska in general. I smiled at some of it, and the names for people he named, and thought that I should have a taperecorder or digital player to capture some of his memories, and perhaps I will do that, because I want to capture some things about how he supported his daughter, stories about his friend Daryl Nather, Louise Rude, or other people. It is this person I love, even though there are other times I am not sure. Anyway, I'd better stop for now. Koraling Lynne

the last week

Well, I went for the mammogram and instead of only fifteen minutes, and forgetting to schedule a ride, Toni took me. But the density on the right troubled them, so they took additional x-rays and a sonnogram to identify the density. I was nervous, but after talking to dad later, it was obvious that mom also had very dense and cystic breasts and they tried to operate and then apologized for operating on something benign. Mine was benign after all. I had the other women's exam the next day. Then I went to work on the amendments for our Constitutional Amendments, and went home to write them up and ask for advice from Chris, and sent all the comments to Richie. Wednesday, I went to the VA, and received two phone calls from James, and tried to get interviews and also for the luncheons. We'll see what transpires this week. Thursday, I must have packed, not too much and laundered some clothes. Allan had come on Wednesday shortly before I came back home from the VA, and I had to be on a teleconference call for the Blind Information Technology Specialists. On Monday, I was asked to send a blurb about my credentials for interpersoanl violence history. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Musings and meanderings

Busy day, and not much better luck going through tapes. Had an interesting discussion with Steve about Braille and transferring and translating from print to Braille and notetakers and how Braille is composed in the grid, how it is written, what is used to take notes, and the decline in teaching. We spoke about ipods, computers, attitudes, blogging and what is and is not accessible concerning adding images and links, which may be a pop-up window which is not accessible. He has a meeting with a sub-committee of ANDVSA (Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault) from the prevention side for Native Americans, who are also at great risk. I forgot to schedule a ride for tomorrow and medical stuff for the next two days. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I could not find yet the applicable part of the 2007 state conference and convention relating to lobbying or whatever. However, I was shocked when I heard something on committees. It was timely, since Richie and I had beenspeaking about forming committees, mostly of a standing nature. However, the cassette ended in the middle of Chris's recitation on his notetaker, and that is definitely troubling. So, I will have to see, but I doubt I have anything. It was Richie and he who were working on this, I believe. Very interesting. I will have to go back and see if I can find the other material which I was looking for, certainly I was not looking for that one. Plus, we only mentioned it once, as if we were just offering it for discussion. Since we did not preview it, I think we should offer it again on Friday. Koraling Lynne

dichotomies and battles

I don't know why there is so much war and battle talk analogy. This is why my husband's son does not want a woman for President of the United States. He does not think woman have the strength and fortitude to make tough decisions. Are tough decisions always about battle and strategy? Isn't love and broadening our perspective more important? Why are many people so afraid of other people who seem different than they are? Why do people compete for power? What do they think they will gain? I see too much rigidity, authoritarianism, and a narrow scope of thinking. People can see, but they don't breathe in the beautiful sounds, visions, smells, terrains, and nature all around them. They don't havea curiosity about different ways of thinking, different lands, different people, different galaxies and solar systems, different answers to medical or psychological problems, different economic solutions, different ways to organize people and things. It's October of 2011. I have been getting great reminders from my spiritual site to keep me on my A game. The class last night was terrific. We have to be the ones who bring the evolutionary to a better place in terms of artificial intelligence, medical greakthroughs, life extension, brain function, scientific discovery, the study of the universe and galaxies and planets, and so much more in terms of healing and prosperity for everyone. Whatever we have must be shared, and it is the collective andnot the individual that must come to the forefront. Koraling Lynne Putting things into either/or and not either/and and opening up possibilities and not closing them down is what we have to do. We have to call out the enemies of growth and evolution. We have to say "no" to those who stifle dissent and brainstorming. We have to use our brains to reflect on better solutions. We have to experiment and allow the scientific community to do the research and development necessary and support funding in this country to have us working and prospering at a high level. Right now, we are stagnant and angry and not in a place where we can work with each other and other nations. Koraling Lynne

Friday, September 30, 2011

finished with the 2006 cassettes

Well, I was at VA from 8:10 or so until about 1:30. I did not seem to do anything until after 3:00. Then I spent more than four hours and nearly five going through tapes, and found both times we discussed the Constitution. I added the chapters back in. I'm sure that was Larry's idea, and since then haven't had enough members to form more chapters. So, be it. Also, a board member resigned. I think he had other priorities. He said he resigned for personal reasons. Well, I was told I'd be interviewing for a partnership the VA Health Center has with a local high school, and I still cannot track down someone from Hispanic American month. I felt good that I got through the cassettes, put them in correct order, and some are duplicates. That's enough for today. Koraling Lynne

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google and American Council of the Blind survey

First of all, the survey was too long at about 74 questions. It took entirely too long, and asked about computer usage amongst blind and visually impaired users. There were good questions, and wanted to finish it before the date it would close. I'm glad I did do that. However, internet surveys should not be that long. 20 questions should be maximum. Demographics questions and characteristics should end the survey, and not begin it. Some terms were not defined, and even I did not understand one near the end of the survey. (Sigh). So, that was good.Koraling Lynne

speeches and sermons

The sermons that the Rabbi gave were some of the best I've heard in a long time. I liked the one today, and both held my interest. The silent one, through all the travails, went to Heaven nad had an angelic advocate, but when he asked for worldly things such as a roll with butter, then was he worthy of everything they were bestowing on him in the Most High and the angels there? Hmm. Interesting question. We must stand up and not be silent against neighbors. I would like to get a copy of his sermons. He decried the lack of discourse and caring, it seemed, and I had just been talking about that with Reeni in the car. No one had warmth or a real caring. We spoke about today's sermon, and she had an interesting take, though I am not sure I remember her take. She so admires that I just "go for it" as a person with a disability, when others do not continue to engage with their community. People are busy, and we all go through difficult and depressing times. We spoke about abuse and all sorts of issues. When people are abused, and are living with trauma, until they recognize it, how can you rescue them? You cannot. This was all today. We both said that we do not want Jews to be the best, better than any other. She said that the Chosen People means we are chosen to be the model for how the other religions should be, or something. That's an interesting take on things. I saw Carol, who runs KNBA, and that was really nice. I like her. I was told that I sounded better today than yesterday, and that I was stronger. I asked if they would tell me if I did not sound good yesterday, and the women Sue and Joan said they would. But, today, they said my supplication and pleading sounded so genuine. That's all for now. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great evening

Dinner with all the wholesome guests and interesting people was fascinating. The food was great red potatoes, (I never eat) and brisket, which was flavorful also which I never eat, one cheese Swiss with crackers, bread (seemed like a rosemary bread or something) an interesting salad, Swiss chard, or some kind of greens and other greens, and a great cake and a squash soup. Quite a repast. I spoke to Janice and Kurt who spend half the year with their daughters in Los Angeles, and another person who is a kindergarten teacher and comes from South Africa. She says things are not much better and people put locked gates around their houses, and there is looting, or stealing of copper, and there sometimes is no electricity. We spoke about attitudes and disability also. I saw Reeni and David at synagogue, and people really liked my singing as usual. Steve and Joan's house was great. Steve likes the new blog features and template, because one can see all the stuff at once and not have to scroll down. He asked about Facebook, and I said that my son set it up for me. That's enough for now. Koraling Lynne


I wore mom's blouse, and it fit perfectly. It was with a pair of pants. I wonder if I should change before dinner and services? I had a really bad nightmare with concern about losing height, pain and discomfort, and the worry about Constitution and Bylaws was a harrowing dream. I had gone to sleep at 9:30 and then did not get back to sleep after writing in the blog after 11:00. Koraling Lynne All dad's clothes that were sent plus the pajamas, which I desperately needed fit like a glove. I washed most of them, and have to wash the dark ones (only a couple). Most are good for work.

Happy New Year

As the page is turned in the Torah, which is the name for the Five Books of Moses, and the calendar turns to the new Jewish year, reflecting, and not necessarily celbrating is the order for the collective or congregation. My son called me today to wish me because a friend of his from Los Angeles, who is not Jewish, but is Latino, called him. "I've got to call my mom." He is my adored son, or offspring. Koraling Lynne

Young Reflections and Recollections

I was speaking to my son's father through e-mail and Skype. He is blind also and of Puerto Rican background. He felt as if my parents were not supportive of him, and i have to trust his assessment of our twenties. He went from atheist, I think to exploring other ways of thinking including Christianity and back to atheism. He must have gone through a lot of reflecting. I remember a Rabbi saying here in Anchorage in the 1990's how Jews and Christians see the world differently. It's all perspective, and it's better not to have one. Tomorrow is High Holidays, and I was invited to dinner before services tomorrow night. I just think that Christians and Jews do not know enough about each other, as I mentioned before. After all, Christians are the dominant cultural group, so they think of themselves as "normal." That is why people get offended and think I am making a slap at Protestants, and of course one cannot generalize. There are patterns though that are learned and that are not anyone's fault, and by no means do we need to become defensive. I want us all to bring these things out into the open, because white people and especially Protestants are quieter, and not as emotionally expressive (in my opinion) whereas Italians and Jews, for the most part, are more effusive and expressive, passionate etc. This is especially true for raised middle-class folks. That's all I think. I don't like rigidity. The older I get, the less rigid I want to be, and the more flexible and fluidic I want to become. I understand defensiveness and being offended, but my ideas are strange and different and anomalous and I have not wanted to bludgeon anyone. They come from a long period of experience and expression and working with many types of people. It was just interesting that , as I started this post out, that my son's dad and I had different recollections and memories of our European trip. How interesting what we feel is important to us, and what we believe and how we catalog things in our minds. Koraling Lynne

New javascript post

Oh, here is the place to put in the text. I have to learn the page all over again! Hmm. Exciting, I guess.Well, I clicked on this new blogger interface, and it uses Javascript, or Google Chrome. Hmm. Can't find some of the options I could use before. Now what? Morenew bells and whistles that are not accessible? I don't think I will like this! Koraling Lynne I have trouble getting to see whether I have drafts. Hmm. Neede to work with that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog update

I did not like the new Javascript interface at all. First of all, the links did not work correctly, and frames were used. That was not the way to improve accessibility for blind bloggers. (Sigh). I thought I'd have to continue using it, but I did get back here. I checked the bottom of the new page, and it said I could switch back, so that link must have worked after all. The learning curve is steep. I was willing to learn and be excited, but again, so many updates use javascript, and dynamic pages that refresh are not very easy either. I know many people like animation, but unless and until they are accessible, I don't think I want much to do with them. Koraling Lynne

blog fans

One of the drivers said his mother has looked at my blog, and though I did not post when I said I would last Monday, I am glad taht some people are checking out my post. I hope that the friend who broke her ankle or twisted it on a rock gets better. I'd better get in touch with her. I have little motivation to do very much. I had trouble getting on to the BITS call when I was voted in as Treasurer, and people's comments were heartfelt and welcoming. That's all for tonight. Koraling Lynne

Neuro-linguistic Programming

I attended many sessions, and I spoke to my friend Mark for a long time last night before I ended up releasing him. He lives in Costa Rica,and has many videos about self-help and hypnosis. I have always been interested in transofrmation and growth. Is it too late for people my age and in my condition and worsening health and discomfort? I hope not? Do I still have the ability to earn money with varied skills? Do I still have anything to contribute? Koraling Lynne


Today, I went to the doctor that my friend recommended, and updated our agenda for conference/convention. I really liked this doctor. I have lost nearly two inches though, and that freaked me out. Am I that old? Really! The people were warm and Dr. McAlister (maybe it is spelled that way) was warm and accepting. I did accomplish to work with two meditations today. It was warm and sunny after the morning frost. It appears as if I will moderate the list for Blind Information Technology Specialists which will be new also. I spoke to another Los Angeles friend by Skype who is using yoga to improve her spine and scoliosis. . Yesterday, I was listening to two short prpograms on health disparities, and of course I already knew about that, from Independent Living calls from two years ago. I think I lost a follower. How sad. I have not written as often as I could have. Is depression the cause of physical, psychological, or mental distress or the interaction between mind, body and spirit? Koraling Lynne

Monday, September 26, 2011

floating and anomalies

I've been thinking about "floating" and not in transition or stagnating. I've still been thinking about anomalies and how we categories things, and arrange them because we are tribal and want to make sense of things we do not have any familiarity with in our limited view or education. Some rigidity is due to our earliest experience and values and beliefs. We have to talk in others' cultural language. We have to understand others' mores and background, pace and norms. Anomalies are differences that people are not wanting to notice or understand. When people make us uncomfortable, or situations make us uncomfortable, we don't know how to act. We want to fight or make judgments, instead of questioning people and reaching them where they are at. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letting go

What would the world be like if we did not judge, blame, and we shared the resources? What would the world be like if we explored, asked questions, reflected? Am I, as a blind person, Jew, (because Jews are but 2% of the world's population) and blind people even less, and the spiritual school of which I belong also a miniscule nonautomated person. I don't know for sure, but I feel better when I think of myself as an anomaly, and differentiated from everyone else, and unique qualities. Koraling Lynne I want to let go, not be in control. I want to see the good in people, as Anne Frank said, not the "evil" or even think in dichotomous ways. As I reflect, as the High Holidays come upon us yet again, what is there to say? When will we stand up for the rights of everyone? Older people, as I am becoming, what is our contribution and worth to the world? I've been planning and working on several things, and again, some days are better than others. I have better days and not so much and I finished some of the documents for being a volunteer for the VA Health Center, and realized that the wife of the EEO Manager is the travel partner for the travel show on the radio on comercial radio. I also realized I knew the mother of NFBPARENTS because a good friend had told me about the daughter with cancer, and she sang at the 20 anniversary of Alaska Independent Blind, but therewas no parent group then. Hmm. I did not realize that until this morning. Can we get beyond perceived differences and realize our common humanity? Can we realize our similarities as seeking, wondering, loving, caring human beings on this planet? I hope so. One friend is moving to Scotsdale, Arizona just like that. She already found a place there. We found out that someone on our board we met in about 1994 or maybe 1993 has terminal cancer, a friend of my husband just died of cancer, and so it goes. Change is in the air. Koraling Lynne


Wow! I can't even believe I haven't written in September. Well, for the last 10 or 12 days I have been listening to free internet lectures on Neuro Linguistic Programming. I took notes. I do want to react or not react or respond to Anonymous about "free matter for the blind." It has been a staple of postal regulations for blind people from a blind person or organization to an organization or blind person and may be under attack, as it has been before. I want to find the applicable federal scope of the language, and post it here for your edification.I remember going to Sail when Chava Lee, I believe was working for SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living) and many people did not know about it. Another thing that you may not know about is taht disabled parking placards can be purchased by blind people because the language by the Department of Public Safety (I believe) states that people who use canes, crutches, and such can have one. Thanks to former Senator Judy Salo. We had to revisit that in 2002, I believe wen people were being questioned. Thanks to Frank haas who in 1994 brought this to our attention to act upon. Frank Haas was also the one to move us towards accessible balloting for voting. Hence, the Frank Haas act, HB 320 in 2002 was worked out with four legislative aides, Janet Kkowalski, (From the Division of Elections at the time) and Alaska Independent Blind. I want to acknowledge Bobby McMullen who came to Alaska to showcase his blind racing and the movie about it, and four of us who blindness and visual impairments went tandem biking a couple of weeks ago. I have gone on two interviews for positions, none of which panned out, and one I wanted and one I did not really like, but both had good interviewers, and good questions, and likable people. I don't know what to do about much. Dad is selling the house, after all. I wrote for the ai-class about the web-based artificial intelligence class, and the Stamford University does not say that it is not fully accessible. Amazing that some of the images are not accessible. I was voted as Treasurer of Blind Information Technology Specialists. I'll learn about payPal and also about tracking bills and deposits and all that. My spiritual school, of sorts has changed the website, and now I cannot get into classes, modules or anything except the forum. My oldest friend has just gotten on to Skype, and I've been talking to my son's dad about Europe when we went in 1973. It was the first time we saw something like computerized cassette machines, and I suppose there were cassettes in 1973? I don't remember when those became the standard instead of reel to reel tapes. Anyway, when going forward and backward, they would announce the chapters and it was not just a beep. We also saw accessible currency in the Netherlands, and that was great. We went to the dog guide school, where they only used mixed breeds and females. I have a picture of the bikerider and me, but I am not sure how to paste it on here. Hmm. Maybe I'll try that nexttime. Koralikng Lynne

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recap of some events

Thank you from the comment from David about google issues. If I could write more eloquentlly, then maybe more of my words would make it out of this blog. Missouri Council of the Blind is an affiliate of American Council of the Blind, if I am correct. Thanks for the notice and the encouragement. I am so jazzed that a Teacher of the Visually Impaired who herself is blind has been hired in Kenai, Alaska, and if people do not know the Kenai Peninsula is a great location for fishing, and Homer is very relaxing. Last Monday, we heard that someone who is blind and in prison will be leaving there. I had told my friend about the Fortune Society which does still exist in New York, and I also mentioned taht there are prisoner re-entry programs. The Alaska Native Justice Center has one. I knew about that through AmeriCorps last year. I received a call from an organization who had lost my paperwork, and I told the woman that they were courteous in letting me know. An interview was scheduled, and I just took the paperwork with me. It was a blessing in disguies, I said, since I did better on the second application than the first. Someone I knew had tried to commit suicide, and that is so sad. In California people are put on 72 hour hold. I told a friend that she needed to go to DFYS (Division of Family and Youth Services) but they may not be named that any more, and get her relative, who is turning 18 and has a chronic illness might be able to get on a fixed income welfare program. Wednesday, I heard that a post office in Alaska does not know about the Franken Privilege (free matter for the blind and visually impaired) and was going to make someone pay for Braille books or not release them until payment was received. I received a phone call about an energy rating, another great program which is run by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. I said that that was perfect timing. I received an e-mail concerning audio description in Alaska from a person who works on that. So, it has been busy, not to mention the board with the Blind Information Technology Specialists has been taking up time. Anyway, that catches up on the essentials. Koraling Lynne I went to the doctor who takes Medicare and I am always put off by them, and went yesterday.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Google issues

On the "accessible" google group, many folks are saying that google is not being as responsive as it could be. I guess they are dropping some featrues and that bothers some people. I am still trying to figure out how to import gmail messages into Microsoft Outlook if I switch to gmail, because people have said their e-mail interface is unwieldy as I found at Center for Human Development. The Google calendar was not accessible, either, and some people did not like the new Google music beta either in terms of accessibility. People have had trouble navigating with Google Chrome and they were not able to interact with web pages. So, there is definitely more to do and I hope Google reacts to these issues. I knoew that Google Docs did not work well with JAWS. How it works with NVDA, VoiceOver, WindowEyes, Hal or System Access, or ZoomText, I don't know. I don't know how well they work with mobile devices. Apparently,, there is a survey from google, so maybe I'll check that out. Koraling Lynne

anniversaries and dates

This is the sixth anniversary of our marriage, and we went to Orso's here in Anchorage. I am really as interested in emerging technology and how this will effect disabled people as I am in website recommendations and consulting about how to treat people well and with dignity so that it will elevate everyone. Respecting everyone's abilities and capabilities is paramount, and even though many people cannot find jobs, many of us have skills that are not recognized. I remember when I have been told we have to soar above the crowd, or we have to do things differently, (just to be noticed) but that does not help when we need money to do things for our health and well-being. Koraling Lynne

future belongs to the visionaries

Once upon a time, the Big Bang existed. Once upon a time, Pluto was designated as a planet. Once upon a time, the brain was thought of as immutable and unknowable. I think there are things that are being understood or will be understood and interpreted as never before. Those that explore, reflect, question, don't accept things at face value, research and experiment can work out solutions to problems. As a matter of fact, one thing I read said that that is what we need is problem-solvers. I believe it was an article about needing more math and science to solve the world's complex medical and technological problems, food shortages, architectural problems, communication problems, global pollution and all sorts of other hydroponic and other problems facing the globe. Jacque Fresco and Carl Sagan have excellent material on youtube, and they were reported on the Higher Balance site today. I was placed in a reflective, higher consciousness mood because I expanded to muse on their ideas of looking down at the earth like this blip. Jacque Fresco who is 94, does not believe wars are necessary and also believes that politics is an anachronism, and what about currency? We need new paradigms to figure out new problems. The ways of 50 years ago do not work. Things are never standing still, they are forever in flux. I was excited about these future ideas, and believe more ideas need to come to the forefront. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Artificial Intelligence

My friend mentioned a general news item about a free Stamford class on artificial intelligence to be held starting October 10, I believe 2011. It is just another experience. I saw another movie on Thursday, and had some thoughts I should have written down on Wednesday. I felt so relaxed, and realize that things will work out for me, in its time. I hope I will gain some new skills in this free class. Why not jump on it? It will bring up all my fear-based learning anxieties or maybe not. I am just afraid that it might do that. I need to get back to following up on the material from the course on service businesses. I also have to apply for the ADA Commission. We'll see what the next phase is. I interacted with one video that said that I could not access it. So many features are inaccessible, and it will be interesting to see how it goes with a few of the Higher Balance people taking it for more than 100 thousand signed up. I am curious about its acccessibility. Will there be a way I can let people know if something is not working and whether boxes are labelled correctly? Google has not made any headway, and is going backward on accessibility. I also notice that menus keep us from getting to real human beings. I read an item that said that a virtual DJ (disc jockey) will be pushing the buttons on a Texas radio station and announcing with minimal human interference. Wow, are things changing! Koraling Lynne

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Checking In

I went to the VA )Veteran's Administration) volunteer training, and some kind of boring, and I went to a movie "Bridesmaids" with my friend last night, and very funny. I did a funny thing. I went to the restroom, just had to go and we had left my "long cane" what some people call a "stick" but a long cane is what blind people use, in the car, and I knew Anne did not want to leave during the movie, so I got told where to go to the lft, and then asked someone to show me the restroom, and managed to find the outside door. This time, I did not wait. That wazs pretty cool. I said I can do anything I set my mind to. Anyway, I heard about three different positions one I had heard about months ago, and I phoned and they phoned today, Jim Beck from Access Alaska had lost my phone message, and has nothing now, but kept my resume, and another one I'm excited about, but missed it during the lunch break at the Health Systems at the VA. I do not want to be excited, because I don't want to be let down. It is great that I was phoned by so many on my cell yesterda, and I will see what the next couple of months has to offer. I know it is the first day of school for children, and I wonder how my friends John and Peggy are doing. Okay, that's enough for now. Koraling Lynne

Friday, August 12, 2011

So Much to Do

I had lunch with a friend yesterday, and spoke more to my new contact in Costa Rica, who just happens to be low vision. I think we have five people for our affiliate marketing idea and all of us are really good people. I also heard from the VA, and realized the skills I have. I am banishing all negativity from myself, and even though I do tell people that I believe religion will be replaced by more spirituality (all religion should be more spiritual) that should not frighten or anger anyone. It should just create debate, and open people's minds. I believe religions have started wars and dissension, and even though there have been problems with spiritual groups also, no doubt, a more universal concept of God would be prudent. I think forcing any idea on anyone is not very positive. I also applaud anyone who can make it and be an entrepreneur, and hope that we all can communicate better with each other. When I think of how many people do not return phone calls, and really know how to verbally communicate, it is shocking and appalling. We must get better at feedback, communication, and other forms of language that will bring people together, and not divide us. The VA won't pay me yet, but either that, the job I applied for, the affiliate marketing, my business in helping people understand web concepts to make sites more accessible, the telephone marketing, facilitating, or entrepreneurship will pay off, I believe and hope by October. There is so much good I can do for people. The Rural Health and helping the Director should be really fun and use skills and gain skills, and coordinating, traveling, newsletters, minutes for a fledgling part of the VA Health Center is exciting. Koraling Lynne

Monday, August 8, 2011


The unemployment statistics have worsened for disabled people. What do I do for myself? I don't know. I want to coach people into feeling better, just as I wish I was being coached right now. I think that would help others, and lift them up and out. We are a collective, and not individuals. The Disability Technical Assistance Center sent an item to one of the board members of the American Council of the Blind and it said that unemployment and under-employment had worsened. We need to get a better ahndle on it. If it is not attitudes, then what is it? David said yesterday that it is lack of preparation, and that many people need rehabilitation and that older people need habilitation, or skills training. That's enough for now. So, let's discuss this. There must be better ways to improve our skills and prepare us for work. Koraling Lynne

More ideas

Okay, one of the great things I might have mentioned is that we have to be ourselves because everyone else is already taken, and this was mentioned at the 50th anniversary of ACB. Christopher Gray was playing Bob Marley, and I love that stuff. Good stuff. That was yesterday's show. I told my homeopath on Friday that I feel as if I am in a deep, dark, dank well and I cannot claw my way out of it. That's a little crazy, but it was a palpable feeling, definitely. I spoke to my son's father today by Skype since he is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why are people so critical, and not accepting and flexible and letting things go? Okay, I have been involved with a couple of Higher Balance people in affiliate marketing ideas, and Mark lives in Costa Rica, and used to be visually impaired, but may not be legally blind now. He does not drive, and has lived in Costa Rica for 16 years. He is American. He had lived in Southern California for 17 years. He was a Republican and libertarian and now is not anything. Well, it's time to go to bed now, and I did apply for a real "job" or "just over broke" or "slave wage" so we can afford things. It's a good organization, and there are several jobs. I feel good about this job. I'm going to lunch with Kayla Epstein on Wednesday. Keep reading. I am listening to folk songs, and also I did meditate twice today, and had a peer counseling session today. Koraling Lynne

My Los Angeles Trip

Well the inforenegades workshop was pretty good. I met many people, and wished the woman starting a healing center had told me how to reach her. There was a woman who said she needed me to Braille stuff, and I will have to e-mail her, and also a woman who sat to my left the first day who said her birthday was June and I asked when and it was the day my birth occurred. She is in her mid-thirties. She was hyper and had her challenges, but she was very nice and drove me home from the hotel, and then back and forth on Sunday also. That was really nice of her. I had a problem this time in Los Angeles that I had not had in a while. I felt really nauseaous on Friday morning from Kitty's to the hotel venue, becuase I had the computer on my lap. I was hot, and the turns made me feel sick. I had the same problem going home on Saturday to Alise's. I met Alise's friends and her boyfriend which was fine. They seemed a little rhetorical, and Alise lives in a tiny apartment, and I was on the floor, but it worked out pretty well, and in the morning, I had fruit, and nothing else. Alise was very tired, and when we were late for one of the sessions on Sunday, we missed Ken's stuff about blocks we might have. J. T. Fox was enthusiastic and funny, and helped me with some of his coaching sessions. Coaching and mentoring was stressed as important to keep us on the path. We learned about joint ventures. That's all fo rnow. It was great to meet people, and tell one person her genius was being specific about where the bathroom was on Saturday morning, I believe. I thanked her and said that was a genius. People who want to start a center for addicted people want to follow up and have better after-care than is available. One lady said she had Lime disease, and was surprised that I knew what it was. We met in the restrom once. She wants to have a business in art appreciation. That's all for now. It was really nice with Kitty, as I heard a little more of her book, and her friend Robert came by, and we spoke about artificial intelligence and future technology. I almost missed the plane Monday morning, as I left at 6:00, and it got to airport at 7:20 and the plane was boarding, and I did make it with a few monutes to spare. I was happy. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unlabeled images

I noticed on the Higher Balance site that soome images were not labeled. Once I clicked on the six images, I could view them, and that was great, but the images before I did that had no label. I noticed that after I could not get some other things to work such as the A. I. 2 meditation, or whatever it was, and the Thursday class did not have part of it from the meditation and scientific Kairos had either. When links are not labelled and things are not clear, it messes up accessibility. I think it's past bedtime. Koraling Lynne I'll stop posting.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good to hear From Friends

A friend called me, and she had introduced me to the computer person who died recently. She had been gone for two months and did not know that. She said she would get together with me next week. Putting together the program and brainstorming was really good tonight. Koraling Llynne

Website accessibility on the 21 Anniversary of the ADA

Today, the President offered a proclamation about training for employment of disabled persons. The White House is holding a conference call tomorrow. All the plattitudes will not improve employment prospects on the job tightrope. I will post that article about accessibility standards delays, which was ostedlast week. I noticed that the paratransit services website was not accessible had arrows without labelling them. (Sigh). I have friends all over the country, but I have lost touch with some. Thanks for reading. We need respect, dignity, funds to help the economy and pay our taxes instead of taking. Koraling Lynne The ADA int his alphabet soup is the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflections on whatever

I have always felt different. I thought it was because I was blind, and so few of us are congenitallly blind. We are a distinct minority. Then I realize that I am Jewish or was born that way, and that was a miniscule minority, also 2%, i learned in 1983 or so of the world's population. Now, I know I am also considered a "white cell" a person who reflects and tries to solve problems of others and find a better way for everyone, without rancor or remorse. I feel wise sometimes, as if I could teach and train and be an instructor, but I did not like being an instructor so much of Braille and technology for four years. I thought I would like it and the students, but many complained about me, and I'd fall asleep because there was so much repetition, and it was boring teaching touch typing. Even though every student was different, some were complaining and blaming, and I had enough of that, and others' naivete and quirks, and passivity and some phoniness, or eruptions. The condo meeting was pretty good yesterday, but it was when one person started getting angry that my stomach ended up in knots. Tyler is a good facilitator. I thank Pual, our neighbor, for walking me over to the next building. Well, much to do before I embark on my trip for the internet marketing conference. Thanks for listening. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, July 23, 2011


In the last two months, I have listened to stories of people who are traumatized. One person had phoned Alaska Independent Blind and I could tell when I finally received an answer that this woman might be being abused or had been abused. I feel good when I can intuitively tell about an unsafe situation. One of my friends in Missouri says I am like a sister to her. She ahs made her decision about where to go and what to do with her life. I think it is good. There is so much violence and lying and disrespect right now in the world. I want to change it, and create a support community for depressed or low-income blind women. There must be a way we can help each other. We all need a way to vent and get our issues out there. Koraling Lynne

today was a good day

I attended both classes in the Higher Balance classes. All of a sudden, I remembered some successes I had had. They just gushed out as if a waterfall was being tapped. I thought of being the first blind intern and professional in the Legislature in 2009. I thought about the Progress Award I received after my first or second year on the violin, or was it for piano? I had made more progress than any other or than I had made before. I was about 10 or something like that. I remembered going to Social Work school in Industrial Social Work as a single mother and my third year was full-time as I also planned for my son's 16th birthday and his great bar mitzvah. I was told that I should take four years to finish Social Work school, and not three because I could not handle going full-time. I had taken the first two years part-time. I came to Alaska in 1991 over everyone's protestations. There are items I remembered for the book and for this blog about my life, such as tandem biking when I was about thirteen. People would say: "A two-people bicycle." We would go to Grandpa's house, or to Aunt Sylvia's house, I think. Our family was more close-knit back then with people living closer to their relatives. Mobility has really changed all that. Yesterday, I had trouble with e-mail. I am seriously thinking of changing the Internet Service Provider. I don't know how I would do that, with so many people using this account. But, it is possible. I don't think the people at GCI know very much. I was grateful to Steve for giving me a number of a woman who was very helpful. I was told to click on "system restore" and also on AVG free download. It was the AVG download that did the trick. I was not getting e-mail from about 1:20 or so until after about 7:00 or so. I thanked Steve, and let Linda know that her fix had worked. She does not like Microsoft Outlook. Well, it's time to go to bed. Yesterday, I was selected to be a beta tester for google music, so I have to get back to that, and look at a website that Mike G. sent for a technique we use in Higher Balance. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

conference and convention

Last wek from the 8 of July until the 16 of July was one of the better conventions and conferences I have attended. First, at the airport we ran into Anna Olsen, wife of the departed James R. Olsen, and that was great to see her, and we never did get together for dinner. Then we ran into Rex when we had secured our luggage. We were on the plane all night or 2:40 we got on the plane instead of 1:45. I think we had dinner with Chris and Marvelena at the Oyster House, I guess after we had something to eat, and we did get into our room right away. It was a nice room. We were in Room 1168, I believe. I did not rest, because I was reading the stuff about restaurants and such. Luckily, we had no worshops on Friday, but Saturday, I checked in to the computer, and someone wanted to check his also, and his wife worked for Bookshare. I went to the Information Access Committee and ran into Sarita Holliday, (if spelled right) who I have always liked since we met her at a mid-year meeting. She was sitting to my left. Many people have iphones, and ipads, I guess also, and all sorts of Apple devices. The panelists were good about the Levelstar product, and all sorts of other products. I spoke to Don Horne, who is a rehabilitation Counselor in New York. He is now using a wheelchair, and I spoke to him and Sarita about addiction in the blind community, which is connected to trauma and though it was brought 15 years ago, it did not go anywhere because so many on the ACB Board did have addictions. I believe there are alcohol addictions, sex addictions, and process addictions. I also believe that there is more depression. I went to a women's circle, and that was good also on Wednesday, I think. I met some cool women named Sylvia, Sandy and Nancy from Venetia, California during a safety on the internet discussion. That was great! They were going to exhibits, and I asked to tag along. Nancy and I had a whale of a time going from booth to booth, etc. I picked up about six CD'S and had one from the Public Relations seminar on Sunday. I did not go to the fund-raising for non-profits one, or the employment seminar because I went to "How to Work a Room" for the Human Service Providers. I saw two movies that were described by professional describers, where the narrator's explanations are imbedded in the film. I finally saw "Social Networking" on Thursday, and that was good. There was a flight simjulator which was audible and it is software and you use the keyboard to go left or avoid collisions. I saw the Bureau and Engraving folks also, and that was fun andI could see the two designs. Well, I'm fading fast, so I'd better go. It was wonderful to meet some new friends, and hang out and have them be interested in phoning me to check my schedule. Koraling Lynne This was the 50th anniversary of the American Council of the Blind. The awards presentations were stellar, and the ACB jeopardy was great. The general session which spoke about HIPAA and safety was great. I also enjoyed the panel on newer members.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I could lisgten to Anugama all day. I understand he is used in yoga, and he is so soothing, nurturing, and relaxing the body, nerves, mind and spirit. It is healing music at its best. It is truly wonderful! Music changes my brain waves, I'm sure. It speaks to the rigt side of my brain. I have always liked poetry. It is that which will heal me and make me whole and thankful to God which is the self-organizing way the universe is shaped. God is all around us if we just pay attention and listen.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

freedom and self-determination

When I was at Pacific Oaks in perhaps 1984 or 1983, I read books by Thurow with Stan, I think his name was, and George Will and others but cannot remember the classes except for a class on education and Learning and Teaching Peace-Making which Caryl and I both took. I remember that a man in the class and I had freedom and self-determination as values we espoused above quality of life, reverance for life, and a few others. There were six values I think. Now, I don't know what I think except that attitudes have not improved very much towards disabled folk. I may be intelligent, and impressive, but what do I have to show for it? I love to sing, and love to encourage people, and work as a team. I had good conversations today, and wished my long-time friend (we have known each other since I was in sixth grade) a happy 58th birthday. I need to get on with things, but just do not know how. Koraling Lynne

Monday, July 4, 2011

Treading water

In a peer counseling session, I was asked how long had I ever felt stagnant, or when was the first time? I always felt that my opinions did not matter, or that I was ignored, or that no one noticed me. She suggested thta I form a posse of sorts, or a pack of people who would surround me and be there for me. People would encourage and acknowledge me, and notice who I could be, not act as if I was in the way. A pack, school, flock, swarm, or other groups who count on each other. We are not single, but multiple connected beings. I don't want to be sad, disconnected, angry, or bitter, or unhealthy or alone or isolated any more. I have had enough of all that, and I am tired of people not processing and working on themselves. We cannot drown it out, or use addicitions to push it down so we don't have to process it, or change the subject. I am a healing being, and a loving being, who has multiple skills and don't know what to do. I can help people figure out where they need to improve processes and there are new technologies coming online all the time. Just let me work with people to enhance their work. Koraling Genius Consultants is at the ready for you. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, July 3, 2011


In Anchorage, I have a few connections, but not as many as I want. It's just that I have not gone to many events or attended concerts as I did in the 1990's. I would do what I wanted, and feel confident, and I did feel confident as the Accessibility Coordinator. But now, I feel great about last week and the scientific spiritual workshop, and i feel hopeless sometimes also. It's a seesaw and an oscillation. It's amazing that the Freedom Rides were 50 years ago, and I was in high school when my parents would take me out of school for the boycotts during the desegregation struggle, and I knew about teachers then like Mrs. Bruno at Grover Cleveland High School, I think who were in SNCC, and I would go to events where African-American students were speaking about their rights. In college, I took Pan-African studies and read literature by people of color and I was one of the only white students in the class. I always wondered why people of color did not always understand that when prejudice effects one, it effects all peoples. It's just that with this Folkstage on, it's bringing back high school, where we had a "blind power movement" and the Village Vooice wrote this article about us, and we adopted the fierceness of the movements at that time. We were in high school, and we would want parent education, jobs without judgment, we wrote on a sign, and bread not breadcrumbs. Judgment has been dogging me all my life. We must learn to chart our own course, and decide for ourselves. We would adapt Phil Ochs songs or whatever to mold them for blindness advocacy purposes. We were just spunky youngsters, in 1968 and 1969, and I guess I was highly impressionable. This does not mean that we do not need to work on our own stereotypes, biases, and prejudices. We all have them. We live in an oppressive society which must be improved with the assistance of everyone. Koraling Lynne

Good energy etc.

Kim and Reggie Harris are singing from a live concert on WFMT Folkstage in Illinois, and it reminds me of going to concerts, swaying and feeling so good! I really miss being at concerts, and I remember the Michigan Women's Music Festival and that was in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and then the Bay Area Women's Festival where we camped, and I had a dog and sleeping bag, maybe Ragu, and maybe Hesper. I cannot remember. I went with Julie, a friend of Cheryl's. I received help, and I remember going to the showers and getting food in the outdoors, and the showers were cold! We walked out of some concernt, or got word of some racism and we all organized with Sweet HOney in the Rock and protested the racism there. I cannot remember all the details. Some neighbors at the time were also there at the Festival. That was my life as a feminist. I still believe in dignity for women, people of color, disabled people and everyone who has been shunted aside by society. Kim and Reggie were singing a song which we used to sing about "We have the right to the tree of life." So, where do we go from here? We must respect each other, and have dignity for every human being. We must not let our emotions win, but must think before we say something. We must also use meditation to calm our minds and realize that we live on a living planet. Happy Independence Day everybody! Spirituality is becoming more evident, and science and spirituality are merging. The scientific knowledge that was "downloaded" to us last week is still percolating and that is great. Koraling Lynne There is such great energy when people get together and sing, etc.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Attitudinal Access

I need more people to speak with about my plight. I want to feel good about things, and when I hear things that I don't know all the answers to certainn things, I feel so stupid. How can I change my brain function? When I spoke to someone last night, I know there are ways to rewire the brain, and keep myself on a forward track, and not backtrack. It seems as if I should make some appointments, and try to connect with people to see just what I can accomplish. I certainly have enough skills. I think I'll meditate and clear my head. Koraling Lynne

Wheelchair user on the bus

The whellchair users can view computers, and their issues are architectural barriers where blind people, who are low-incidence, have problems with attitudes. This woman seemed like an extremely intelligent young person, who had talents, dreams and skills. Untapped talent, and untapped market, and why aren't we employed and why aren't we leaders making decisions? I just shake my head. Koraling Lynne