Thursday, January 3, 2013


I had brought the Iphone to Apple on Friday again, and it still could not connect to the Internet. Suzan, a new friend, and the partner of a friend of my husband's came over for our New Year's Day party, which was a great success. I was on with Straighttalk and they could not speak English, and Suzan got it working, turned off wifi and got the internet work without it, though she herself did not have an Iphone in five minutes. I love creative and smart people. I liked her immediately. She is looking out for us. Chris, our dog walker, has been so good for us and Queenie. Koraling Genius Consultants

reflections on retinopathy of prematurity

I have joined a list for those who were premature infants. Do we have deficits in math skills because of something gone awry with our cerebral or visual cortex? Do we have problems with spatial orientation as well? I have had trouble with cardinal (or whatever they are called) directions. "Go to the southeast corner of ..." "meet me at such-and-such corner." Hmm. Anyway, these are questions that have followed many of us. How about touch? My problem with impatience and waiting for things might be sparked by not having any interaction in my first days on this planet in this body. Deprivation of touch is very significant to brain function, feelings of safety and security and attachment and trust.

Interesting anniversaries

As I mentioned, the 150th anniversary of signing the Emancipation Proclamation occurred on January 1, 2013. While listening to the New Year's Eve folk show, Magpie mentioned that after forty years, the man who killed Victor Jarra by breaking his hands in Chile, or one of the killers, had been found but maybe not brought to justice yet. They sang a song by him. He was in the stadium for three days, and then they killed him. Hiw wife, Joan, is British. The anniversary of Wonded Knee was around this time also and is 122 years backward. So many things to remember. Some Civil Rights activists are dying off also. Lynne Koraling Genius Consultants

Happy New Year 2013!

I hope I can learn how to insert pictures as images. People will want to see the dog. A bicycle light may work as well as the blinker app on the Iphone. I have to investigate. I had a great release with the massage yesterday. I had never had a massage from a man before. I just feel so good about everything. I want to coach and impart my insight to others.I finished with volunteering. I don't know what July holds. I am so lucky to be alive. January 1 was the 150th anniversary for the emancipation Proclamation. Kkoraling Lynne Koraling Genius Consultants

changes changes and more in the new Year

Well, I was working on the Chi machine and I received a call from Steve Hoyt at Pilot Dogs. "This is Steve Hoyt from Pilot Dogs," he said. I squealed: "Steve!" "Are you available for a poodle on January 20?" He said an e-ticket would be e-mailed. A tram would take me from the airport to the school. I come back February 1, 2013. Diane Walters had just asked about the dog yesterday. Lynne Koral, mentor, coach, consultant