Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My new dog meant to blog during class guide dog school

When I found out that I was going to go to dog guide school, I was thrilled. I was working on the Chi machine at home, and I received a call from Student Services. This was January 4, 2013. He said: "This is Steve Hoyt from Pilot Dogs." "Steve!" I exclaimed. Was I available January 20? He said an e-ticket would be e-mailed to me. It never was, but a ticket arrived in the mail. On the 20, I was on the plane, and the two people I sat between were from Wasilla. I went to Seattle. The person who helped me was calling my cane a magic wand. I was on my way to Dog Guide school. The person who was Filipino called the cane a magic wand. I had had time for breakfast before the fist flight. One of the Alaskans was going to Los Angeles for some adventure series. This young man, Matt, paid for a quiche for me. Bart was a Mormon, and had three sons, and we spoke during the flight. Matt had grown up as a Jehovah's witness. Bart's father lived in Mexico and he grew up in Idaho. Bart was going on Flight 22 to Chicago which was the flight iwas taking from Seattle to Chicago. On the seconf dlight, Vicki Selig was to my right, loved folk music, and said I should go to the Oldtown School of music. She and her husband were psychologists. She was Buddhist, and her husband was a Reconstructionist Jew. She grew up Catholic and Jewish. She and the two men on the first flight took down my blog adress. Vicki was spiritual, and loved Obama,and said he would use thebibles from Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Medgar ever's wife was going to speak. The woman on my left was a student going to Hartford and going to school which was the same school her sister attended. Vicki said she loved music, and loved Midnight Special, and was going to see Dar Williams soon. That's all for now. I'll continue the diary later. Lynne Koraling Genius Consultants