Friday, September 30, 2011

finished with the 2006 cassettes

Well, I was at VA from 8:10 or so until about 1:30. I did not seem to do anything until after 3:00. Then I spent more than four hours and nearly five going through tapes, and found both times we discussed the Constitution. I added the chapters back in. I'm sure that was Larry's idea, and since then haven't had enough members to form more chapters. So, be it. Also, a board member resigned. I think he had other priorities. He said he resigned for personal reasons. Well, I was told I'd be interviewing for a partnership the VA Health Center has with a local high school, and I still cannot track down someone from Hispanic American month. I felt good that I got through the cassettes, put them in correct order, and some are duplicates. That's enough for today. Koraling Lynne

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google and American Council of the Blind survey

First of all, the survey was too long at about 74 questions. It took entirely too long, and asked about computer usage amongst blind and visually impaired users. There were good questions, and wanted to finish it before the date it would close. I'm glad I did do that. However, internet surveys should not be that long. 20 questions should be maximum. Demographics questions and characteristics should end the survey, and not begin it. Some terms were not defined, and even I did not understand one near the end of the survey. (Sigh). So, that was good.Koraling Lynne

speeches and sermons

The sermons that the Rabbi gave were some of the best I've heard in a long time. I liked the one today, and both held my interest. The silent one, through all the travails, went to Heaven nad had an angelic advocate, but when he asked for worldly things such as a roll with butter, then was he worthy of everything they were bestowing on him in the Most High and the angels there? Hmm. Interesting question. We must stand up and not be silent against neighbors. I would like to get a copy of his sermons. He decried the lack of discourse and caring, it seemed, and I had just been talking about that with Reeni in the car. No one had warmth or a real caring. We spoke about today's sermon, and she had an interesting take, though I am not sure I remember her take. She so admires that I just "go for it" as a person with a disability, when others do not continue to engage with their community. People are busy, and we all go through difficult and depressing times. We spoke about abuse and all sorts of issues. When people are abused, and are living with trauma, until they recognize it, how can you rescue them? You cannot. This was all today. We both said that we do not want Jews to be the best, better than any other. She said that the Chosen People means we are chosen to be the model for how the other religions should be, or something. That's an interesting take on things. I saw Carol, who runs KNBA, and that was really nice. I like her. I was told that I sounded better today than yesterday, and that I was stronger. I asked if they would tell me if I did not sound good yesterday, and the women Sue and Joan said they would. But, today, they said my supplication and pleading sounded so genuine. That's all for now. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great evening

Dinner with all the wholesome guests and interesting people was fascinating. The food was great red potatoes, (I never eat) and brisket, which was flavorful also which I never eat, one cheese Swiss with crackers, bread (seemed like a rosemary bread or something) an interesting salad, Swiss chard, or some kind of greens and other greens, and a great cake and a squash soup. Quite a repast. I spoke to Janice and Kurt who spend half the year with their daughters in Los Angeles, and another person who is a kindergarten teacher and comes from South Africa. She says things are not much better and people put locked gates around their houses, and there is looting, or stealing of copper, and there sometimes is no electricity. We spoke about attitudes and disability also. I saw Reeni and David at synagogue, and people really liked my singing as usual. Steve and Joan's house was great. Steve likes the new blog features and template, because one can see all the stuff at once and not have to scroll down. He asked about Facebook, and I said that my son set it up for me. That's enough for now. Koraling Lynne


I wore mom's blouse, and it fit perfectly. It was with a pair of pants. I wonder if I should change before dinner and services? I had a really bad nightmare with concern about losing height, pain and discomfort, and the worry about Constitution and Bylaws was a harrowing dream. I had gone to sleep at 9:30 and then did not get back to sleep after writing in the blog after 11:00. Koraling Lynne All dad's clothes that were sent plus the pajamas, which I desperately needed fit like a glove. I washed most of them, and have to wash the dark ones (only a couple). Most are good for work.

Happy New Year

As the page is turned in the Torah, which is the name for the Five Books of Moses, and the calendar turns to the new Jewish year, reflecting, and not necessarily celbrating is the order for the collective or congregation. My son called me today to wish me because a friend of his from Los Angeles, who is not Jewish, but is Latino, called him. "I've got to call my mom." He is my adored son, or offspring. Koraling Lynne

Young Reflections and Recollections

I was speaking to my son's father through e-mail and Skype. He is blind also and of Puerto Rican background. He felt as if my parents were not supportive of him, and i have to trust his assessment of our twenties. He went from atheist, I think to exploring other ways of thinking including Christianity and back to atheism. He must have gone through a lot of reflecting. I remember a Rabbi saying here in Anchorage in the 1990's how Jews and Christians see the world differently. It's all perspective, and it's better not to have one. Tomorrow is High Holidays, and I was invited to dinner before services tomorrow night. I just think that Christians and Jews do not know enough about each other, as I mentioned before. After all, Christians are the dominant cultural group, so they think of themselves as "normal." That is why people get offended and think I am making a slap at Protestants, and of course one cannot generalize. There are patterns though that are learned and that are not anyone's fault, and by no means do we need to become defensive. I want us all to bring these things out into the open, because white people and especially Protestants are quieter, and not as emotionally expressive (in my opinion) whereas Italians and Jews, for the most part, are more effusive and expressive, passionate etc. This is especially true for raised middle-class folks. That's all I think. I don't like rigidity. The older I get, the less rigid I want to be, and the more flexible and fluidic I want to become. I understand defensiveness and being offended, but my ideas are strange and different and anomalous and I have not wanted to bludgeon anyone. They come from a long period of experience and expression and working with many types of people. It was just interesting that , as I started this post out, that my son's dad and I had different recollections and memories of our European trip. How interesting what we feel is important to us, and what we believe and how we catalog things in our minds. Koraling Lynne

New javascript post

Oh, here is the place to put in the text. I have to learn the page all over again! Hmm. Exciting, I guess.Well, I clicked on this new blogger interface, and it uses Javascript, or Google Chrome. Hmm. Can't find some of the options I could use before. Now what? Morenew bells and whistles that are not accessible? I don't think I will like this! Koraling Lynne I have trouble getting to see whether I have drafts. Hmm. Neede to work with that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog update

I did not like the new Javascript interface at all. First of all, the links did not work correctly, and frames were used. That was not the way to improve accessibility for blind bloggers. (Sigh). I thought I'd have to continue using it, but I did get back here. I checked the bottom of the new page, and it said I could switch back, so that link must have worked after all. The learning curve is steep. I was willing to learn and be excited, but again, so many updates use javascript, and dynamic pages that refresh are not very easy either. I know many people like animation, but unless and until they are accessible, I don't think I want much to do with them. Koraling Lynne

blog fans

One of the drivers said his mother has looked at my blog, and though I did not post when I said I would last Monday, I am glad taht some people are checking out my post. I hope that the friend who broke her ankle or twisted it on a rock gets better. I'd better get in touch with her. I have little motivation to do very much. I had trouble getting on to the BITS call when I was voted in as Treasurer, and people's comments were heartfelt and welcoming. That's all for tonight. Koraling Lynne

Neuro-linguistic Programming

I attended many sessions, and I spoke to my friend Mark for a long time last night before I ended up releasing him. He lives in Costa Rica,and has many videos about self-help and hypnosis. I have always been interested in transofrmation and growth. Is it too late for people my age and in my condition and worsening health and discomfort? I hope not? Do I still have the ability to earn money with varied skills? Do I still have anything to contribute? Koraling Lynne


Today, I went to the doctor that my friend recommended, and updated our agenda for conference/convention. I really liked this doctor. I have lost nearly two inches though, and that freaked me out. Am I that old? Really! The people were warm and Dr. McAlister (maybe it is spelled that way) was warm and accepting. I did accomplish to work with two meditations today. It was warm and sunny after the morning frost. It appears as if I will moderate the list for Blind Information Technology Specialists which will be new also. I spoke to another Los Angeles friend by Skype who is using yoga to improve her spine and scoliosis. . Yesterday, I was listening to two short prpograms on health disparities, and of course I already knew about that, from Independent Living calls from two years ago. I think I lost a follower. How sad. I have not written as often as I could have. Is depression the cause of physical, psychological, or mental distress or the interaction between mind, body and spirit? Koraling Lynne

Monday, September 26, 2011

floating and anomalies

I've been thinking about "floating" and not in transition or stagnating. I've still been thinking about anomalies and how we categories things, and arrange them because we are tribal and want to make sense of things we do not have any familiarity with in our limited view or education. Some rigidity is due to our earliest experience and values and beliefs. We have to talk in others' cultural language. We have to understand others' mores and background, pace and norms. Anomalies are differences that people are not wanting to notice or understand. When people make us uncomfortable, or situations make us uncomfortable, we don't know how to act. We want to fight or make judgments, instead of questioning people and reaching them where they are at. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letting go

What would the world be like if we did not judge, blame, and we shared the resources? What would the world be like if we explored, asked questions, reflected? Am I, as a blind person, Jew, (because Jews are but 2% of the world's population) and blind people even less, and the spiritual school of which I belong also a miniscule nonautomated person. I don't know for sure, but I feel better when I think of myself as an anomaly, and differentiated from everyone else, and unique qualities. Koraling Lynne I want to let go, not be in control. I want to see the good in people, as Anne Frank said, not the "evil" or even think in dichotomous ways. As I reflect, as the High Holidays come upon us yet again, what is there to say? When will we stand up for the rights of everyone? Older people, as I am becoming, what is our contribution and worth to the world? I've been planning and working on several things, and again, some days are better than others. I have better days and not so much and I finished some of the documents for being a volunteer for the VA Health Center, and realized that the wife of the EEO Manager is the travel partner for the travel show on the radio on comercial radio. I also realized I knew the mother of NFBPARENTS because a good friend had told me about the daughter with cancer, and she sang at the 20 anniversary of Alaska Independent Blind, but therewas no parent group then. Hmm. I did not realize that until this morning. Can we get beyond perceived differences and realize our common humanity? Can we realize our similarities as seeking, wondering, loving, caring human beings on this planet? I hope so. One friend is moving to Scotsdale, Arizona just like that. She already found a place there. We found out that someone on our board we met in about 1994 or maybe 1993 has terminal cancer, a friend of my husband just died of cancer, and so it goes. Change is in the air. Koraling Lynne


Wow! I can't even believe I haven't written in September. Well, for the last 10 or 12 days I have been listening to free internet lectures on Neuro Linguistic Programming. I took notes. I do want to react or not react or respond to Anonymous about "free matter for the blind." It has been a staple of postal regulations for blind people from a blind person or organization to an organization or blind person and may be under attack, as it has been before. I want to find the applicable federal scope of the language, and post it here for your edification.I remember going to Sail when Chava Lee, I believe was working for SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living) and many people did not know about it. Another thing that you may not know about is taht disabled parking placards can be purchased by blind people because the language by the Department of Public Safety (I believe) states that people who use canes, crutches, and such can have one. Thanks to former Senator Judy Salo. We had to revisit that in 2002, I believe wen people were being questioned. Thanks to Frank haas who in 1994 brought this to our attention to act upon. Frank Haas was also the one to move us towards accessible balloting for voting. Hence, the Frank Haas act, HB 320 in 2002 was worked out with four legislative aides, Janet Kkowalski, (From the Division of Elections at the time) and Alaska Independent Blind. I want to acknowledge Bobby McMullen who came to Alaska to showcase his blind racing and the movie about it, and four of us who blindness and visual impairments went tandem biking a couple of weeks ago. I have gone on two interviews for positions, none of which panned out, and one I wanted and one I did not really like, but both had good interviewers, and good questions, and likable people. I don't know what to do about much. Dad is selling the house, after all. I wrote for the ai-class about the web-based artificial intelligence class, and the Stamford University does not say that it is not fully accessible. Amazing that some of the images are not accessible. I was voted as Treasurer of Blind Information Technology Specialists. I'll learn about payPal and also about tracking bills and deposits and all that. My spiritual school, of sorts has changed the website, and now I cannot get into classes, modules or anything except the forum. My oldest friend has just gotten on to Skype, and I've been talking to my son's dad about Europe when we went in 1973. It was the first time we saw something like computerized cassette machines, and I suppose there were cassettes in 1973? I don't remember when those became the standard instead of reel to reel tapes. Anyway, when going forward and backward, they would announce the chapters and it was not just a beep. We also saw accessible currency in the Netherlands, and that was great. We went to the dog guide school, where they only used mixed breeds and females. I have a picture of the bikerider and me, but I am not sure how to paste it on here. Hmm. Maybe I'll try that nexttime. Koralikng Lynne