Saturday, May 26, 2012

May flowers

I don't know who Anonymous is, but I'll clear out the cache or get someone to do it, as I don't want all this spam on my blog, please? On May 16, we had an earthquake. I am going to a mentoring workshop. I still want to be cheerleader for life. Nothing is imposssible, impossible just takes longer. Jennifer Armstrong said her moth-in-law said so. She got married in Maine to her chiropractor wife as a lesbian. I don't know why people are threatened by gayy people. They don't hurt them. Anyway, I like that saying. I stubbed my toe badly the third time in five years. I have a stuy on my eye and that was Thursday. They don't feel better yet. My toe is really hurting, and my eye feels slightly better. I spoke to a wonderful life coach yesterday, and really resonated with her. I stubbed the toe on Wednesday. Okay, I'll stop for now. cheerleader for life Lynne coach, mentor, coach and the mentoring class is on Wednesday at the VA.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May madness

Well, May has flown by. I've been transcribing, and just hanging in there. Cheerleader for Life is still active in my mind. There is so much to say. I told a new young driver for the paratransit that volunteering helps people feel good, and that it can be used on a resume. We had a meeting with our condo people, and I am trying to dialog as best as I can. I really want to do my spiritual work. I did walk once, but then fear gripped me as I for the first time walked with my cane alone a route and only crossed the street once, and fell on my right knee which is sore. Isolation and all that is sI have to cope with. Something I recongize in myself and others.