Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I said that I did notknow the difference much between Hinduism and Buddhism. My husband said that Gandhi was Hindu. Okay, also two people asked if I was still in Anchorage from my spiritual group. Friday, three people were wondering if I was okay. Hmm. What is going on? koraling Lynne It is amazing when people see things I do not notice. I see things I was gold a year or two ago, such as I have to heal myself as the truth. I also see myself as understanding after 20 years about learning about business consulting and the skills taht I have to share with others. People need my expertise and why should I be shy about them? Koraling Lynne


I remembered the things my husband and I were expounding about. I had not known or remembered that Hemingway, which we agreed was one of America's great writers, had committed suicide. He said that Gandhi was an ambulance driver, that Hemingway had fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's, and that he never saw "Peter Pan" in the movies with Mary Martin. He also said that Einstein was involved in the nuclear program, and I looked on the internet and he opposed nuclear technology. We spoke of Gandhi and my husband never saw the movie, which was extremely powerful with Ben Kingsley playing Gandhi. Many of these events are history to me. We agreed that Einstein was a genius, and I think he and Albert Schweitzer were Jewish. My husband asked about Hemingway spiritual views. I don't know. He had read "Old Man and the Sea." I was speaking about Siddhartha and wrongly attributed the writing to Hemingway. I think it was Hermann Hesse. My husband said that Hemingway wrote from his experience. That is the best kind of writing. Koraling Lynne

Monday, January 30, 2012

today's notes

Today, I rescheduled an appointment because I could not get good times with paratransit for Wednesday early in the morning. I was glad it is later in the day. Four people have mentioned being Hawaii in January and February. Maybe I'll get back there, and maybe I will not. I was able to get a picture on an iphone to get to Pilot Dogs. I'm almost finished with their application. I paid off these orthotics. I did have a light lunch, took a shower, and meditated once. How I'll fit in practices, I have no idea, because though I can practice some of these techniques, not all of them do I have time for each day. My husband and I spoke about mules yesterday, and some other things today. and how much stamina they had compared to horses. The dinner for members was not well-attended, but a transplant from another state was there, and it was nice to meet her again, since we met her fleetingly in Reno last summer. Well, I'm going to bed now. One of the people who planned to go to Hawaii ahs a problem with a dog who fell and broke a paw. How sad for her and the puppy. lynne01

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I have been making lists. I haven't had time to do much else to finish the dog gude application to get a poodle, and JAWS is not starting directly, or correctly. I don't understand GW Skype from another technology company for blind people. I haven't been catching up on the Life Coaching course, but the webinar yesterday. My son phoned me, and I like speaking to him. Koraling Lynne
I like lists, and have modified them. I have a roommate who had a health crisis, and I am waiting to see which roommate I'll be hearing from her this Tuesday. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, January 28, 2012

surveys and other stuff

Yesterday, I was part of a webinar about business issues to be aware of for coaching issues, and that was new information on a webinar. I also filled out a survey concerning social media on the internet that American Council of the Blind had forwarded, and then received e-mail about a phone survey that asked about our preference for fixed route, paratransit or other modes of transportation. Interesting stuff.

Even though I have not written blog, written in topic groups or meditated as much as I want, I have been going to the Skype groups. People in Higher Balance were concerned , because they could not reach me yesterday. It has been a crazy week with me missing a bus, and then I got home later than I should or would have. I have not attended any classes except yesterday and today, really. Oh, well, It's crazy. I did pay bills on Thursday. Just to navigate with our life is not always easy, especially when we tend to be isolated. I still rescue people and feel bad if someone is having a hard time, and have a difficult time taking care of myself. My son is a great source of support for me, though. Koraling Lynne

update week of October 17, 2011

I attended an interesting workshop about volunteers. I had attended it last year also. It spoke about generations, and I realized, as a nonconformist that I did not like rules, (although I go back and forth) and I don't like doing anything for a long period of time. I like change, expansion, travel, variety, people, communication, etc. I found a fantastic article aboutwww.sightwithsound.com but I could not get to it. I just got the title, and nothing else. It was mentioned in an article I read in Braille, and I was fascinated that visual contexts could accompany sounds. When I sent a message to the leadership list, two people said they had no trouble. I answered that I wanted more detail about how they navigated and which hardwrd or software configurations they were using. I am less active on the Higher Balance Galaxy site, because it just takes too long to find topics and reply and I don't even have time to look at al the articles. That professor wrote back, and I don't know if she used my submission, because I don't know how to electronically sign a document. I tried to figufd out a blog on the Higher Balance Galaxy site to no avail, and instead a message went into draft, and no blog seemed to emerge.
I also had a good experience with communicating that problems with AnchorRides, our so-called paratransit service here in Anchorage was having problems with lateness, a driver picking up the wrong person the Wednesday before last, and suggested that the contract administrator should communicate that information to different stakeholders. I also said that punitive measures instead of encouragement were self-defeating, and that because disabled people tend to have more trauma than others, the letters will frighten them, and they will think they did something wrong.

Susan siad she had written down my suggestions. We also did not know that funding sources could be prioritized, nor that certain private options for Medicaid patients had been reduced, and they picked some of those up. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's 2012

I have felt for some time that this will be a good year. I was asked to write a recommendation for one of my professors of Public Administration and I was surprised, because as I told her I was not a "stellar student." However, she said I had good memory, listening and analytical skills. One of the people in BITS said I was resilient. I certainly try to be that way. One of my Los Angeles friends phoned me today, which was nice. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012

Well, New Year's Day we had only three other people besides us. We had shrimp and baby back ribs. Hmm. This week, I conducted a workshop I entitled: "Ignored but not ignorant: Private and Professional Attitudes Towards Disabled people" or something like that. People seemed to like it who were interns and psychology people. In the health realm, I cried during my session in peer counseling on Wednesday a release and a release Thursday when the physical therapist was working on me. Two days I worked last week and the week before, and this week also. Starting on Wednesday the 28 of December, our kitchen counters started being replaced. They are not ready yet. I planned my trip back to Virginia and Florida, and received many answers to my roommate problem. Lori from New York, Donna from Iowa, Ardis from California, and another woman Lisa from California all got in touch with me by e-mail. I was terribly frustrated on Tuesday with the computer, but filled out the form for the mid-year meetings Thursday when I could not sleep. Wow. I was trying to install an accessible plug-in for Skype, and it is not working. The WFMT site was not working, my e-mail was from oldest to newest, and those were four things on Tuesday night when I stayed awake until about 12:30. I apologized for my frustration on the leadership site, and someone was disappointed and another woman was shocked at my vehemence. I apologized, and said I was frustrated. John McCann, who I knew since 1967 (I was in ninth grade) said that he read between the lines about my stress. He wants to go out to dinner with me. Also, this week, the BITS conference call went well, and Renee said she looks up to me as a model because I do not give up on Pay Pal. I wrote my goals last Saturday, and all the things I need to accomplish. Dad says he does that too, and read me a poem about his brand of poetry this morning. Koraling Lynne