Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I remembered the things my husband and I were expounding about. I had not known or remembered that Hemingway, which we agreed was one of America's great writers, had committed suicide. He said that Gandhi was an ambulance driver, that Hemingway had fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's, and that he never saw "Peter Pan" in the movies with Mary Martin. He also said that Einstein was involved in the nuclear program, and I looked on the internet and he opposed nuclear technology. We spoke of Gandhi and my husband never saw the movie, which was extremely powerful with Ben Kingsley playing Gandhi. Many of these events are history to me. We agreed that Einstein was a genius, and I think he and Albert Schweitzer were Jewish. My husband asked about Hemingway spiritual views. I don't know. He had read "Old Man and the Sea." I was speaking about Siddhartha and wrongly attributed the writing to Hemingway. I think it was Hermann Hesse. My husband said that Hemingway wrote from his experience. That is the best kind of writing. Koraling Lynne

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