Monday, January 30, 2012

today's notes

Today, I rescheduled an appointment because I could not get good times with paratransit for Wednesday early in the morning. I was glad it is later in the day. Four people have mentioned being Hawaii in January and February. Maybe I'll get back there, and maybe I will not. I was able to get a picture on an iphone to get to Pilot Dogs. I'm almost finished with their application. I paid off these orthotics. I did have a light lunch, took a shower, and meditated once. How I'll fit in practices, I have no idea, because though I can practice some of these techniques, not all of them do I have time for each day. My husband and I spoke about mules yesterday, and some other things today. and how much stamina they had compared to horses. The dinner for members was not well-attended, but a transplant from another state was there, and it was nice to meet her again, since we met her fleetingly in Reno last summer. Well, I'm going to bed now. One of the people who planned to go to Hawaii ahs a problem with a dog who fell and broke a paw. How sad for her and the puppy. lynne01

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