Saturday, January 28, 2012

update week of October 17, 2011

I attended an interesting workshop about volunteers. I had attended it last year also. It spoke about generations, and I realized, as a nonconformist that I did not like rules, (although I go back and forth) and I don't like doing anything for a long period of time. I like change, expansion, travel, variety, people, communication, etc. I found a fantastic article but I could not get to it. I just got the title, and nothing else. It was mentioned in an article I read in Braille, and I was fascinated that visual contexts could accompany sounds. When I sent a message to the leadership list, two people said they had no trouble. I answered that I wanted more detail about how they navigated and which hardwrd or software configurations they were using. I am less active on the Higher Balance Galaxy site, because it just takes too long to find topics and reply and I don't even have time to look at al the articles. That professor wrote back, and I don't know if she used my submission, because I don't know how to electronically sign a document. I tried to figufd out a blog on the Higher Balance Galaxy site to no avail, and instead a message went into draft, and no blog seemed to emerge.
I also had a good experience with communicating that problems with AnchorRides, our so-called paratransit service here in Anchorage was having problems with lateness, a driver picking up the wrong person the Wednesday before last, and suggested that the contract administrator should communicate that information to different stakeholders. I also said that punitive measures instead of encouragement were self-defeating, and that because disabled people tend to have more trauma than others, the letters will frighten them, and they will think they did something wrong.

Susan siad she had written down my suggestions. We also did not know that funding sources could be prioritized, nor that certain private options for Medicaid patients had been reduced, and they picked some of those up. Koraling Lynne

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