Saturday, January 28, 2012

surveys and other stuff

Yesterday, I was part of a webinar about business issues to be aware of for coaching issues, and that was new information on a webinar. I also filled out a survey concerning social media on the internet that American Council of the Blind had forwarded, and then received e-mail about a phone survey that asked about our preference for fixed route, paratransit or other modes of transportation. Interesting stuff.

Even though I have not written blog, written in topic groups or meditated as much as I want, I have been going to the Skype groups. People in Higher Balance were concerned , because they could not reach me yesterday. It has been a crazy week with me missing a bus, and then I got home later than I should or would have. I have not attended any classes except yesterday and today, really. Oh, well, It's crazy. I did pay bills on Thursday. Just to navigate with our life is not always easy, especially when we tend to be isolated. I still rescue people and feel bad if someone is having a hard time, and have a difficult time taking care of myself. My son is a great source of support for me, though. Koraling Lynne

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