Tuesday, October 25, 2011

blog of note

Christopher Gray, the Immediate Past President of American Council of the Blind, sent an e-mail about his new blog http://www.jobsfortheblindblog.com and he has four threads already. If I knew how to link to it, I would do so, but I cannot figure out how to do that on blogger. Sorry. Thanks. Koraling Lynne

Cleaning up

Odds and ends--A great and competent chiropractor yesterday. I reallly enjoyed him. I have been meditating more frequently. That's good, also. An alumni meeting of students did not happen, and the AnchorRIDES came pretty close after I had phoned about an earlier ride. That's enough for now. Koraling Lynne

singing is good for the soul

A woman driver likes my singing and asked me to sing today. She said she had discussed this with my husband. It is good for our soul. It is the way we interpret things, I believe, and gives us purpose and meaning, and fills us up with beauty and brings more beauty to the world. Koraling Lynne

visionary if not having vision literally

In going through Myers-Briggs summaries with someone else, I liked the visionary stuff and not so much the Executive. That was the difference between "perceiving" and "judging" in the last pair of sixteen options. It was interesting to see the pitfalls as well as the strengths. Musical, writing, and multi-faceted, but disliking incompetence and inefficiency, flexible, as well. Consultant was with the visionary, and entrepreneur was with both the extrovert, intuitive, thinking and perceiving, or extrovert, intuitive, thinking and judging. I also love the concept of "emotional intelligence" and think that is so important to how people behave as leaders. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going to the dogs and humor

I phoned Pilot Dogs and a friend is going there tomorrow Sunday, that is the 23. Poodles are not in supply very much. Steve Hoyt said I need four (not the usual three) references, and an eye doctor's report not just an MD. I said "I don't even know four people." He laughed. He said he needed a picture and I wanted to know if he was going to judge according to a picture. He needed to know size to pick the right dog. Koraling Lynne

singing for my soul

The morning driver liked my singing of Bill Withers and show tunes. He said I should go on the show :Sing-off" and know modern songs. The partnership liaison and non-profit director who puts partnerships together had comments to delete and add a few things. That lasted all morning to cut and paste and figure out with Peggy's help some comments and such and revisions. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday was good also

Yes, Wednesday I received a phone call about White Cane Safety Week I had sent to Richie and he sent to Channel 11, and I was called to be interviewed by Nick Swan. I appeared three times about 30 seconds, and I was glad that they highlighted the right of way of blind people crossing streets and that drivers should be aware of that. I sent the proclamation to the leadership list for American Council of the Blind Thursday, I think. I have not gotten a chance to look at the introduction to artifical intelligence class. Too busy. Koraling Lynne Steve sorted out the vitamins,which I figuredout, but not the dosage. That's enough for tonight. It was nice of Steve to come by. Koraling Lynne

update week of October 17, 2011

Peggy gave me oneo fthose roller backpacks. That was Thursday. I thought she was showing me one but she said they were half-price, and she got it at Fred Meyer's. I finished the article and she thought it was great. I liked it too. However, it might have been too long. We picked out the new appliances so we're done with that. The mailbox asphalt is done except there is arolled-up tarp. Today, David Arocho sent me some music I liked and still do from when we were young, ecclectic Ralph McTel, Meg Christian, Roy Brown and Daniel Billete (we once went to a concert by Daniel Billete). We also heard the original Lori Lieberman song "Killing me softly" made famous by Roberta Flack.
I phoned an accountant for putting together the 990 for BITS, started a newsletter for the state organization, and had to work on a board list for the accountant, and made appointments with a chiropractor, and podiatrist, and also the box came of treasury stuff for the BITS organization. I was feelig pretty poorly Wednesday and nauseaous neck and back bothering me and panicked, and called a friend, but felt better once I changed homeopathics and things got better. Thursday, Marilyn got our mail, and there was not that much of it. Koraling Lynne

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The musicals and feelings

I love the "Sound of Music" and it almost always makes me cry. I love the true story,and I had never heard it described (in between the dialog) and it was great. Probably, I had missed some things in it before. I feel so good, and so angry and so loving people, a mix of emotions, sometimes. I don't like it when people think they know when other entities might disagree. How strange. Today is Alaska Day. I had not thought about that in a very long time. Well, the "Sound of Music" stopped both airings, and I hope they play it again. One cannot listen to these classics often enough. Koraling Lynne The anti-Nazism and the brutal way the Captain was at first and then softened, it was beautiful and touching. I can't help thinking of Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins also "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" etc. I used to have that with Buffered aspirin, and I would just gag. I was just thinking how mom would give me a bath in the sink, also. Koraling Lynne

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday was good!

Well, Monday was really good. First I got an e-mail about a discrepancy that the state and federal contract seem to be debating, though it may be federal inconsistencies at work with what is called Schedule A for disabled people. We'll see how that works out, as well as Social Security. Most federal bureaucracies do not take people into account. It was a good day because the federal contractor wrote me back a very nice e-mail. Then, I spoke to more people for the case study article about partnewship I am writing. Then unexpected stuff happened such as a tape from a friend with some CD's, and other good stuff, and I am so grateful. Anyway, we'll see what happens. Peggy, a nurse at the VA, said she saw me on Channel 2, and Cindy, who works in Voluntary Services saw me on Channel 2 and 11. So, all in all, a good day. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raise Your Hand to Volunteer

To annonymous, volunteer and helping others in a Soup Kitchen, or radio reading service, (which always needs volunteers to read the newspaper and other material for blind and print-handicapped people) and counseling at a Pioneer Home or conducting activities or visiting veterans etc. is fine. I am talking about it as a daily diet because 70 to 80% of disabled people are not being employed at their right of education, skill and varied experience. No one wants to be kicked to the curb. Many volunteers are smart, or just starting out. I happen to have two masters' degrees, and a lot of experience I would like to use to be a tax-paying citizen, and to really help people. There is no doubt that volunteers save trillions of dollars for government and private and non-profit agencies, and that is okay if that is a choicee. But, when it is not a choice, then i ask who would "choose" to do it for a long period of time? We have a very generous country and state for that. Thanks for listening. Koraling Lynne I'm just bringing up the point that some groups are more likely to be targeted for voluntary service when they are capabel of good-paying jobs, especially women.

who would raise their hand to volunteer

If one is disabled, according to some policy, (and I want to find out if it is fedeeral or state) volunteering is really a job, and is perfectly commendable and acceptable for a blind person, no questions asked, no simpering, no nothing, just be grateful. Problem is, I have been hearing things like this since I was a teen-ager. Don't expect to get a job. Most people won't want to employ us. Attitudes have not changed markedly, even though computers are the rage these days. I have been using a computer since Caryn Navy, my oldest friend gave me one in about 1987. David Holladay sent instructions in Braille for hooking up and starting the Apple 2C. My expectations and desires were not as keen in the 1980's, because I was in my 30's. Now, I yearn for a better life, where people will notice my accomplishments and skills, not because of me, but what I can contribute emotionally, financially and otherwise to society as a whole, and disabled people or their families, in particular. To me, I have volunteered all my life. There is no shame in it, and when I have two masters' degrees, and multiple skills, it is an insulting policy. It is as if it is a fall back position. I also hate being isolated, where no one calls much, and I am starting to reach out more often, and talking to people. I am keeping a positive outlook, and was frustrated that a job offer had to be extended in order for a Schedule A lettter to be written. One organization says they need it to post a resume and that is Bender Consulting in Pennsylvania. One says they need a job offer, the state agency for disabled folks and employment here. Jennifer Lyons was nice enough, and Richie phoned her after my consternation about this. Policies can be confusing and work at cross purposes, and not serve disabled people. Koraling Lynne


I was not clear in the post in July. Dwight was a repair person, who had heart problems, and he also built websites. He was quite fair. Now Kayla and Steve have given me two more computer people, if I can afford it. Anyway, I realize what I need to work on for myself is marketing and recruitment. I am good at networking, helping people with and without disabilities feel enthusiastic, hopeful, and knowledgeable about their skills, and being creative about options. I love people, love coordination, networking, planning events, public speaking, writing, and interviewing people, and I love research. My friend Susie says there must be something that people would pay me for! Kkoraling Lynne

people's issues

People's stories are so interesting. The daughter of a health practitioner sounded a lot like me as a young person. She has a three-year-old son, and is going to school and eventually wants to teach and get the doctorate in literature. Her husband is a high school advisor for students in career exploration. She become pregnant at 20 years old, from someone else who was troubled, and her parents were not pleased. I told her that her life is important to live while she has the energy. I told her to have experiences now and live to the fullest, and enjoy it, because it goes by so quickly. Her husband is also going to school, and wants to pursue a degree in psychology. I also spoke to a bus driver about how he had owned a home which was $2000 a month, and now is $1400 to rent. I was sorry about the situation, since owning a home is usually better, but not when you can't afford it any more. Many companies such as the company that runs our paratransit system will let anyone go who is an insulin-dependent diabetic. Drivers have to keep their diet and weight under control, and this driver knows that this is something he has to avoid. Koraling Lynne


The last few days have been busy. Karla and Kaela had said that there was no opportunity to earn money with web accessibility. I have a problem believing that, since duplicating a process is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't it? Karla said there was good headway with a compnay doing that, and that Kaela is working on conducting reviews or coordinating those reviews. I still think I can work on life coaching, but just do not know. I was really impressed with having a more holistic view of things. I mentioned this last week, I think. Networking for bringing blind teens to Juneau is sometihng that really excites me also. In order to do that, we have to set agendas aside, and work together for the good of a bigger cause. I like that, and I am not the Alaska Independent Blind and do not want to be type cast. I don't want to have these webs of identity all over me. I have to cut the ties that bind me to those identities. I love the networking that had Heidi reach out and David Levy concerning transportation, and I went to the press conference. Koraling Lynne

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Agency Bureaucracy

Well, Social Security wrote me. They are like a bad penny. You never know when they will show up like the grim reaper. Sorry, but I think they are a most dysfunctional agency, most of the time. I've had good people, but in Alaska, not much with that. I won't talk with them any more, basically. I won't paint them with a broad brush, but they are pretty fickle, and again, don't try to work with people, assume guilt before innocence. It's amazing. Most people won't fight them, and most disability agencies won't take on over-payments, because they are too difficult. Most people don't know the blindness provisions, and blind people can be given a bum steer because of that. We need more Social Security advocates, that's for sure. Is it really true that there is not enough money for Social Security cases or assistive technology consulting? Hmm. I am tired of people saying "No" and putting up roadblocks, or as the Hebrew Scriptures says: "don't put a stumblind block before the blind" but we trip all the time, and no one is there to pick us up, or pick up the pieces and "Put Humpty Dumpty together again." There is no "good Samaratin", and no brotherhood, or sisterhood. (Sigh). I only know that Social Security needs reform. Koraling Lynne

Appreciating people

I really appreciate Steve who phoned me wen I was going to bed, but not sleeping, I really appreciate Steve, who phoned me and I spoke in low tones partially because I was not very happy about some emotionally-laden comments that seemed pretty brutal, though things do not upset me as they did in my family, and the real sorrow of a sister-in-law dying who is my husband's daughter my step-daughter. I also spoke in low tones because my husband was sleeping. I had just laid down, and was on the infrared pad. Anyway, I also appreciate the people at the VA, and I really feel appreciated. I spoke to the counselor from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation who is the gatekeeper of funds, and my tickets for transportation ran out yesterday. Our mortgage went up also. Karla had also spoken about Kaela Parks working on accessibility, and that things are getting better. I interact wit all sorts of websites, and I don't see as much movement as I hoped. However, appreciating people and their skills is a good thing. I can't take complaints or difficulties any more, and I seem to get impatient with negativity and ppessimism. Koraling Lynne

Driving People Crazy

Yesterday, Susanna, a Native driver, who has been taciturn, told me that she had thought I was mean, and she admitted that she had been afraid of me. She said, "I hope you are not offended." I have long since jettisoned that organic brain reaction. I told her I had been annoyed with her when she did not find my homeopathic one time from my purse which had fallen. She liked me when I carede about the troubles she was having with deaths in her familly. She also said she missed the radio. So, a driver who was honest, that was great and real. I appreciated that. Koraling Lynne

Inaccessibility of sites

The class on the internet which is free "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" does not allow a blind person to work with the in-class quizzes. All the checked buttons are not labelled. Sometimes, there are no explanations for the quiz questions. I admit that the staff has been responsive. Some of the Higher Balance people who were going to take it and convinced me to take it cannot get on. I did get a message exhorting me to go to the website and that the class had begun. It seems as if there is more dog-eat-dog attitudes in the web accessibility world these days. Karla said that "there is no money in it" on Monday. As I said, I applaud her for a holistic idea of health and wellness and steps towards understanding that a systems approach and whole-person approach should be used, instead of a compartmentalized approach. It was great when Allan was here, but now we revert to our tired and old attitudes, and all that. So, competition, nastiness, what else is next for people to motivate each other? Koraling Lynne I appreciate when people can work together.

Monday, October 10, 2011

more ponderings

Sen. Ellis said that one of our members, Viola, had spoken to him about making sure that the newsletter he put out was in larger font. I ahd also written about the inaccessibility with my screen reader. He really noticed us, and even took our picture on Friday. Koraling Lynne

more about health

I remember that not only were the doctors concerned about the density but the masses detected which were benign cysts. It was great that Karla spoke about weaving in health and wellness into the curriculum and also social work and people feeling better about themselves as blind and visually impaired people. Koraling Lynne Richie, Allan and I went over to the Center today.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Musings

We went to a restaurant on Wednesday night after I came home. I met a new woman named Vickie, and Yarmilla helped me get lunch on Wednesday also. I had chicken on Thursday before we went to the hotel. Once we got to the Coast, I met Margie Bauman, who thought she would see me the next day for the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. I said I had other obligations. It was nice to be there early. The next couple of days had impressive speakers, and little participation. I was sad, and a nw member did arrive. I am not good at recruiting and marketing, I said to one presenter. I did speak to a couple of people while I waited for more testing on Monday. One was the woman I had identified when her daughter sang at our fund-raiser and anniversary for AIB in February or something like that in 2008. I told her the history, and I'm sure she did not buy it, as they say. I felt really good today listening to my husband retelling stories I liked about former friends who are kno longer with us, and his love for his family, his union days, and Alaska in general. I smiled at some of it, and the names for people he named, and thought that I should have a taperecorder or digital player to capture some of his memories, and perhaps I will do that, because I want to capture some things about how he supported his daughter, stories about his friend Daryl Nather, Louise Rude, or other people. It is this person I love, even though there are other times I am not sure. Anyway, I'd better stop for now. Koraling Lynne

the last week

Well, I went for the mammogram and instead of only fifteen minutes, and forgetting to schedule a ride, Toni took me. But the density on the right troubled them, so they took additional x-rays and a sonnogram to identify the density. I was nervous, but after talking to dad later, it was obvious that mom also had very dense and cystic breasts and they tried to operate and then apologized for operating on something benign. Mine was benign after all. I had the other women's exam the next day. Then I went to work on the amendments for our Constitutional Amendments, and went home to write them up and ask for advice from Chris, and sent all the comments to Richie. Wednesday, I went to the VA, and received two phone calls from James, and tried to get interviews and also for the luncheons. We'll see what transpires this week. Thursday, I must have packed, not too much and laundered some clothes. Allan had come on Wednesday shortly before I came back home from the VA, and I had to be on a teleconference call for the Blind Information Technology Specialists. On Monday, I was asked to send a blurb about my credentials for interpersoanl violence history. Koraling Lynne

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Musings and meanderings

Busy day, and not much better luck going through tapes. Had an interesting discussion with Steve about Braille and transferring and translating from print to Braille and notetakers and how Braille is composed in the grid, how it is written, what is used to take notes, and the decline in teaching. We spoke about ipods, computers, attitudes, blogging and what is and is not accessible concerning adding images and links, which may be a pop-up window which is not accessible. He has a meeting with a sub-committee of ANDVSA (Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault) from the prevention side for Native Americans, who are also at great risk. I forgot to schedule a ride for tomorrow and medical stuff for the next two days. Koraling Lynne

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I could not find yet the applicable part of the 2007 state conference and convention relating to lobbying or whatever. However, I was shocked when I heard something on committees. It was timely, since Richie and I had beenspeaking about forming committees, mostly of a standing nature. However, the cassette ended in the middle of Chris's recitation on his notetaker, and that is definitely troubling. So, I will have to see, but I doubt I have anything. It was Richie and he who were working on this, I believe. Very interesting. I will have to go back and see if I can find the other material which I was looking for, certainly I was not looking for that one. Plus, we only mentioned it once, as if we were just offering it for discussion. Since we did not preview it, I think we should offer it again on Friday. Koraling Lynne

dichotomies and battles

I don't know why there is so much war and battle talk analogy. This is why my husband's son does not want a woman for President of the United States. He does not think woman have the strength and fortitude to make tough decisions. Are tough decisions always about battle and strategy? Isn't love and broadening our perspective more important? Why are many people so afraid of other people who seem different than they are? Why do people compete for power? What do they think they will gain? I see too much rigidity, authoritarianism, and a narrow scope of thinking. People can see, but they don't breathe in the beautiful sounds, visions, smells, terrains, and nature all around them. They don't havea curiosity about different ways of thinking, different lands, different people, different galaxies and solar systems, different answers to medical or psychological problems, different economic solutions, different ways to organize people and things. It's October of 2011. I have been getting great reminders from my spiritual site to keep me on my A game. The class last night was terrific. We have to be the ones who bring the evolutionary to a better place in terms of artificial intelligence, medical greakthroughs, life extension, brain function, scientific discovery, the study of the universe and galaxies and planets, and so much more in terms of healing and prosperity for everyone. Whatever we have must be shared, and it is the collective andnot the individual that must come to the forefront. Koraling Lynne Putting things into either/or and not either/and and opening up possibilities and not closing them down is what we have to do. We have to call out the enemies of growth and evolution. We have to say "no" to those who stifle dissent and brainstorming. We have to use our brains to reflect on better solutions. We have to experiment and allow the scientific community to do the research and development necessary and support funding in this country to have us working and prospering at a high level. Right now, we are stagnant and angry and not in a place where we can work with each other and other nations. Koraling Lynne