Sunday, October 9, 2011

the last week

Well, I went for the mammogram and instead of only fifteen minutes, and forgetting to schedule a ride, Toni took me. But the density on the right troubled them, so they took additional x-rays and a sonnogram to identify the density. I was nervous, but after talking to dad later, it was obvious that mom also had very dense and cystic breasts and they tried to operate and then apologized for operating on something benign. Mine was benign after all. I had the other women's exam the next day. Then I went to work on the amendments for our Constitutional Amendments, and went home to write them up and ask for advice from Chris, and sent all the comments to Richie. Wednesday, I went to the VA, and received two phone calls from James, and tried to get interviews and also for the luncheons. We'll see what transpires this week. Thursday, I must have packed, not too much and laundered some clothes. Allan had come on Wednesday shortly before I came back home from the VA, and I had to be on a teleconference call for the Blind Information Technology Specialists. On Monday, I was asked to send a blurb about my credentials for interpersoanl violence history. Koraling Lynne

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