Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Agency Bureaucracy

Well, Social Security wrote me. They are like a bad penny. You never know when they will show up like the grim reaper. Sorry, but I think they are a most dysfunctional agency, most of the time. I've had good people, but in Alaska, not much with that. I won't talk with them any more, basically. I won't paint them with a broad brush, but they are pretty fickle, and again, don't try to work with people, assume guilt before innocence. It's amazing. Most people won't fight them, and most disability agencies won't take on over-payments, because they are too difficult. Most people don't know the blindness provisions, and blind people can be given a bum steer because of that. We need more Social Security advocates, that's for sure. Is it really true that there is not enough money for Social Security cases or assistive technology consulting? Hmm. I am tired of people saying "No" and putting up roadblocks, or as the Hebrew Scriptures says: "don't put a stumblind block before the blind" but we trip all the time, and no one is there to pick us up, or pick up the pieces and "Put Humpty Dumpty together again." There is no "good Samaratin", and no brotherhood, or sisterhood. (Sigh). I only know that Social Security needs reform. Koraling Lynne

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