Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Appreciating people

I really appreciate Steve who phoned me wen I was going to bed, but not sleeping, I really appreciate Steve, who phoned me and I spoke in low tones partially because I was not very happy about some emotionally-laden comments that seemed pretty brutal, though things do not upset me as they did in my family, and the real sorrow of a sister-in-law dying who is my husband's daughter my step-daughter. I also spoke in low tones because my husband was sleeping. I had just laid down, and was on the infrared pad. Anyway, I also appreciate the people at the VA, and I really feel appreciated. I spoke to the counselor from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation who is the gatekeeper of funds, and my tickets for transportation ran out yesterday. Our mortgage went up also. Karla had also spoken about Kaela Parks working on accessibility, and that things are getting better. I interact wit all sorts of websites, and I don't see as much movement as I hoped. However, appreciating people and their skills is a good thing. I can't take complaints or difficulties any more, and I seem to get impatient with negativity and ppessimism. Koraling Lynne