Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Musings

We went to a restaurant on Wednesday night after I came home. I met a new woman named Vickie, and Yarmilla helped me get lunch on Wednesday also. I had chicken on Thursday before we went to the hotel. Once we got to the Coast, I met Margie Bauman, who thought she would see me the next day for the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. I said I had other obligations. It was nice to be there early. The next couple of days had impressive speakers, and little participation. I was sad, and a nw member did arrive. I am not good at recruiting and marketing, I said to one presenter. I did speak to a couple of people while I waited for more testing on Monday. One was the woman I had identified when her daughter sang at our fund-raiser and anniversary for AIB in February or something like that in 2008. I told her the history, and I'm sure she did not buy it, as they say. I felt really good today listening to my husband retelling stories I liked about former friends who are kno longer with us, and his love for his family, his union days, and Alaska in general. I smiled at some of it, and the names for people he named, and thought that I should have a taperecorder or digital player to capture some of his memories, and perhaps I will do that, because I want to capture some things about how he supported his daughter, stories about his friend Daryl Nather, Louise Rude, or other people. It is this person I love, even though there are other times I am not sure. Anyway, I'd better stop for now. Koraling Lynne

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