Saturday, October 22, 2011

update week of October 17, 2011

Peggy gave me oneo fthose roller backpacks. That was Thursday. I thought she was showing me one but she said they were half-price, and she got it at Fred Meyer's. I finished the article and she thought it was great. I liked it too. However, it might have been too long. We picked out the new appliances so we're done with that. The mailbox asphalt is done except there is arolled-up tarp. Today, David Arocho sent me some music I liked and still do from when we were young, ecclectic Ralph McTel, Meg Christian, Roy Brown and Daniel Billete (we once went to a concert by Daniel Billete). We also heard the original Lori Lieberman song "Killing me softly" made famous by Roberta Flack.
I phoned an accountant for putting together the 990 for BITS, started a newsletter for the state organization, and had to work on a board list for the accountant, and made appointments with a chiropractor, and podiatrist, and also the box came of treasury stuff for the BITS organization. I was feelig pretty poorly Wednesday and nauseaous neck and back bothering me and panicked, and called a friend, but felt better once I changed homeopathics and things got better. Thursday, Marilyn got our mail, and there was not that much of it. Koraling Lynne

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