Saturday, October 1, 2011

dichotomies and battles

I don't know why there is so much war and battle talk analogy. This is why my husband's son does not want a woman for President of the United States. He does not think woman have the strength and fortitude to make tough decisions. Are tough decisions always about battle and strategy? Isn't love and broadening our perspective more important? Why are many people so afraid of other people who seem different than they are? Why do people compete for power? What do they think they will gain? I see too much rigidity, authoritarianism, and a narrow scope of thinking. People can see, but they don't breathe in the beautiful sounds, visions, smells, terrains, and nature all around them. They don't havea curiosity about different ways of thinking, different lands, different people, different galaxies and solar systems, different answers to medical or psychological problems, different economic solutions, different ways to organize people and things. It's October of 2011. I have been getting great reminders from my spiritual site to keep me on my A game. The class last night was terrific. We have to be the ones who bring the evolutionary to a better place in terms of artificial intelligence, medical greakthroughs, life extension, brain function, scientific discovery, the study of the universe and galaxies and planets, and so much more in terms of healing and prosperity for everyone. Whatever we have must be shared, and it is the collective andnot the individual that must come to the forefront. Koraling Lynne Putting things into either/or and not either/and and opening up possibilities and not closing them down is what we have to do. We have to call out the enemies of growth and evolution. We have to say "no" to those who stifle dissent and brainstorming. We have to use our brains to reflect on better solutions. We have to experiment and allow the scientific community to do the research and development necessary and support funding in this country to have us working and prospering at a high level. Right now, we are stagnant and angry and not in a place where we can work with each other and other nations. Koraling Lynne

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