Friday, September 30, 2011

finished with the 2006 cassettes

Well, I was at VA from 8:10 or so until about 1:30. I did not seem to do anything until after 3:00. Then I spent more than four hours and nearly five going through tapes, and found both times we discussed the Constitution. I added the chapters back in. I'm sure that was Larry's idea, and since then haven't had enough members to form more chapters. So, be it. Also, a board member resigned. I think he had other priorities. He said he resigned for personal reasons. Well, I was told I'd be interviewing for a partnership the VA Health Center has with a local high school, and I still cannot track down someone from Hispanic American month. I felt good that I got through the cassettes, put them in correct order, and some are duplicates. That's enough for today. Koraling Lynne

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