Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great evening

Dinner with all the wholesome guests and interesting people was fascinating. The food was great red potatoes, (I never eat) and brisket, which was flavorful also which I never eat, one cheese Swiss with crackers, bread (seemed like a rosemary bread or something) an interesting salad, Swiss chard, or some kind of greens and other greens, and a great cake and a squash soup. Quite a repast. I spoke to Janice and Kurt who spend half the year with their daughters in Los Angeles, and another person who is a kindergarten teacher and comes from South Africa. She says things are not much better and people put locked gates around their houses, and there is looting, or stealing of copper, and there sometimes is no electricity. We spoke about attitudes and disability also. I saw Reeni and David at synagogue, and people really liked my singing as usual. Steve and Joan's house was great. Steve likes the new blog features and template, because one can see all the stuff at once and not have to scroll down. He asked about Facebook, and I said that my son set it up for me. That's enough for now. Koraling Lynne

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