Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today, I went to the doctor that my friend recommended, and updated our agenda for conference/convention. I really liked this doctor. I have lost nearly two inches though, and that freaked me out. Am I that old? Really! The people were warm and Dr. McAlister (maybe it is spelled that way) was warm and accepting. I did accomplish to work with two meditations today. It was warm and sunny after the morning frost. It appears as if I will moderate the list for Blind Information Technology Specialists which will be new also. I spoke to another Los Angeles friend by Skype who is using yoga to improve her spine and scoliosis. . Yesterday, I was listening to two short prpograms on health disparities, and of course I already knew about that, from Independent Living calls from two years ago. I think I lost a follower. How sad. I have not written as often as I could have. Is depression the cause of physical, psychological, or mental distress or the interaction between mind, body and spirit? Koraling Lynne

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