Thursday, September 29, 2011

speeches and sermons

The sermons that the Rabbi gave were some of the best I've heard in a long time. I liked the one today, and both held my interest. The silent one, through all the travails, went to Heaven nad had an angelic advocate, but when he asked for worldly things such as a roll with butter, then was he worthy of everything they were bestowing on him in the Most High and the angels there? Hmm. Interesting question. We must stand up and not be silent against neighbors. I would like to get a copy of his sermons. He decried the lack of discourse and caring, it seemed, and I had just been talking about that with Reeni in the car. No one had warmth or a real caring. We spoke about today's sermon, and she had an interesting take, though I am not sure I remember her take. She so admires that I just "go for it" as a person with a disability, when others do not continue to engage with their community. People are busy, and we all go through difficult and depressing times. We spoke about abuse and all sorts of issues. When people are abused, and are living with trauma, until they recognize it, how can you rescue them? You cannot. This was all today. We both said that we do not want Jews to be the best, better than any other. She said that the Chosen People means we are chosen to be the model for how the other religions should be, or something. That's an interesting take on things. I saw Carol, who runs KNBA, and that was really nice. I like her. I was told that I sounded better today than yesterday, and that I was stronger. I asked if they would tell me if I did not sound good yesterday, and the women Sue and Joan said they would. But, today, they said my supplication and pleading sounded so genuine. That's all for now. Koraling Lynne

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