Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inaccessibility of sites

The class on the internet which is free "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" does not allow a blind person to work with the in-class quizzes. All the checked buttons are not labelled. Sometimes, there are no explanations for the quiz questions. I admit that the staff has been responsive. Some of the Higher Balance people who were going to take it and convinced me to take it cannot get on. I did get a message exhorting me to go to the website and that the class had begun. It seems as if there is more dog-eat-dog attitudes in the web accessibility world these days. Karla said that "there is no money in it" on Monday. As I said, I applaud her for a holistic idea of health and wellness and steps towards understanding that a systems approach and whole-person approach should be used, instead of a compartmentalized approach. It was great when Allan was here, but now we revert to our tired and old attitudes, and all that. So, competition, nastiness, what else is next for people to motivate each other? Koraling Lynne I appreciate when people can work together.

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