Sunday, October 16, 2011

people's issues

People's stories are so interesting. The daughter of a health practitioner sounded a lot like me as a young person. She has a three-year-old son, and is going to school and eventually wants to teach and get the doctorate in literature. Her husband is a high school advisor for students in career exploration. She become pregnant at 20 years old, from someone else who was troubled, and her parents were not pleased. I told her that her life is important to live while she has the energy. I told her to have experiences now and live to the fullest, and enjoy it, because it goes by so quickly. Her husband is also going to school, and wants to pursue a degree in psychology. I also spoke to a bus driver about how he had owned a home which was $2000 a month, and now is $1400 to rent. I was sorry about the situation, since owning a home is usually better, but not when you can't afford it any more. Many companies such as the company that runs our paratransit system will let anyone go who is an insulin-dependent diabetic. Drivers have to keep their diet and weight under control, and this driver knows that this is something he has to avoid. Koraling Lynne

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