Sunday, October 16, 2011

who would raise their hand to volunteer

If one is disabled, according to some policy, (and I want to find out if it is fedeeral or state) volunteering is really a job, and is perfectly commendable and acceptable for a blind person, no questions asked, no simpering, no nothing, just be grateful. Problem is, I have been hearing things like this since I was a teen-ager. Don't expect to get a job. Most people won't want to employ us. Attitudes have not changed markedly, even though computers are the rage these days. I have been using a computer since Caryn Navy, my oldest friend gave me one in about 1987. David Holladay sent instructions in Braille for hooking up and starting the Apple 2C. My expectations and desires were not as keen in the 1980's, because I was in my 30's. Now, I yearn for a better life, where people will notice my accomplishments and skills, not because of me, but what I can contribute emotionally, financially and otherwise to society as a whole, and disabled people or their families, in particular. To me, I have volunteered all my life. There is no shame in it, and when I have two masters' degrees, and multiple skills, it is an insulting policy. It is as if it is a fall back position. I also hate being isolated, where no one calls much, and I am starting to reach out more often, and talking to people. I am keeping a positive outlook, and was frustrated that a job offer had to be extended in order for a Schedule A lettter to be written. One organization says they need it to post a resume and that is Bender Consulting in Pennsylvania. One says they need a job offer, the state agency for disabled folks and employment here. Jennifer Lyons was nice enough, and Richie phoned her after my consternation about this. Policies can be confusing and work at cross purposes, and not serve disabled people. Koraling Lynne

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