Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012

Well, New Year's Day we had only three other people besides us. We had shrimp and baby back ribs. Hmm. This week, I conducted a workshop I entitled: "Ignored but not ignorant: Private and Professional Attitudes Towards Disabled people" or something like that. People seemed to like it who were interns and psychology people. In the health realm, I cried during my session in peer counseling on Wednesday a release and a release Thursday when the physical therapist was working on me. Two days I worked last week and the week before, and this week also. Starting on Wednesday the 28 of December, our kitchen counters started being replaced. They are not ready yet. I planned my trip back to Virginia and Florida, and received many answers to my roommate problem. Lori from New York, Donna from Iowa, Ardis from California, and another woman Lisa from California all got in touch with me by e-mail. I was terribly frustrated on Tuesday with the computer, but filled out the form for the mid-year meetings Thursday when I could not sleep. Wow. I was trying to install an accessible plug-in for Skype, and it is not working. The WFMT site was not working, my e-mail was from oldest to newest, and those were four things on Tuesday night when I stayed awake until about 12:30. I apologized for my frustration on the leadership site, and someone was disappointed and another woman was shocked at my vehemence. I apologized, and said I was frustrated. John McCann, who I knew since 1967 (I was in ninth grade) said that he read between the lines about my stress. He wants to go out to dinner with me. Also, this week, the BITS conference call went well, and Renee said she looks up to me as a model because I do not give up on Pay Pal. I wrote my goals last Saturday, and all the things I need to accomplish. Dad says he does that too, and read me a poem about his brand of poetry this morning. Koraling Lynne

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Happy New Year Lynne. Your workshop sounds interesting.