Monday, August 8, 2011

My Los Angeles Trip

Well the inforenegades workshop was pretty good. I met many people, and wished the woman starting a healing center had told me how to reach her. There was a woman who said she needed me to Braille stuff, and I will have to e-mail her, and also a woman who sat to my left the first day who said her birthday was June and I asked when and it was the day my birth occurred. She is in her mid-thirties. She was hyper and had her challenges, but she was very nice and drove me home from the hotel, and then back and forth on Sunday also. That was really nice of her. I had a problem this time in Los Angeles that I had not had in a while. I felt really nauseaous on Friday morning from Kitty's to the hotel venue, becuase I had the computer on my lap. I was hot, and the turns made me feel sick. I had the same problem going home on Saturday to Alise's. I met Alise's friends and her boyfriend which was fine. They seemed a little rhetorical, and Alise lives in a tiny apartment, and I was on the floor, but it worked out pretty well, and in the morning, I had fruit, and nothing else. Alise was very tired, and when we were late for one of the sessions on Sunday, we missed Ken's stuff about blocks we might have. J. T. Fox was enthusiastic and funny, and helped me with some of his coaching sessions. Coaching and mentoring was stressed as important to keep us on the path. We learned about joint ventures. That's all fo rnow. It was great to meet people, and tell one person her genius was being specific about where the bathroom was on Saturday morning, I believe. I thanked her and said that was a genius. People who want to start a center for addicted people want to follow up and have better after-care than is available. One lady said she had Lime disease, and was surprised that I knew what it was. We met in the restrom once. She wants to have a business in art appreciation. That's all for now. It was really nice with Kitty, as I heard a little more of her book, and her friend Robert came by, and we spoke about artificial intelligence and future technology. I almost missed the plane Monday morning, as I left at 6:00, and it got to airport at 7:20 and the plane was boarding, and I did make it with a few monutes to spare. I was happy. Koraling Lynne

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