Saturday, August 20, 2011

Artificial Intelligence

My friend mentioned a general news item about a free Stamford class on artificial intelligence to be held starting October 10, I believe 2011. It is just another experience. I saw another movie on Thursday, and had some thoughts I should have written down on Wednesday. I felt so relaxed, and realize that things will work out for me, in its time. I hope I will gain some new skills in this free class. Why not jump on it? It will bring up all my fear-based learning anxieties or maybe not. I am just afraid that it might do that. I need to get back to following up on the material from the course on service businesses. I also have to apply for the ADA Commission. We'll see what the next phase is. I interacted with one video that said that I could not access it. So many features are inaccessible, and it will be interesting to see how it goes with a few of the Higher Balance people taking it for more than 100 thousand signed up. I am curious about its acccessibility. Will there be a way I can let people know if something is not working and whether boxes are labelled correctly? Google has not made any headway, and is going backward on accessibility. I also notice that menus keep us from getting to real human beings. I read an item that said that a virtual DJ (disc jockey) will be pushing the buttons on a Texas radio station and announcing with minimal human interference. Wow, are things changing! Koraling Lynne

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