Monday, August 8, 2011

More ideas

Okay, one of the great things I might have mentioned is that we have to be ourselves because everyone else is already taken, and this was mentioned at the 50th anniversary of ACB. Christopher Gray was playing Bob Marley, and I love that stuff. Good stuff. That was yesterday's show. I told my homeopath on Friday that I feel as if I am in a deep, dark, dank well and I cannot claw my way out of it. That's a little crazy, but it was a palpable feeling, definitely. I spoke to my son's father today by Skype since he is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why are people so critical, and not accepting and flexible and letting things go? Okay, I have been involved with a couple of Higher Balance people in affiliate marketing ideas, and Mark lives in Costa Rica, and used to be visually impaired, but may not be legally blind now. He does not drive, and has lived in Costa Rica for 16 years. He is American. He had lived in Southern California for 17 years. He was a Republican and libertarian and now is not anything. Well, it's time to go to bed now, and I did apply for a real "job" or "just over broke" or "slave wage" so we can afford things. It's a good organization, and there are several jobs. I feel good about this job. I'm going to lunch with Kayla Epstein on Wednesday. Keep reading. I am listening to folk songs, and also I did meditate twice today, and had a peer counseling session today. Koraling Lynne

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Brenda said...

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