Sunday, August 21, 2011

future belongs to the visionaries

Once upon a time, the Big Bang existed. Once upon a time, Pluto was designated as a planet. Once upon a time, the brain was thought of as immutable and unknowable. I think there are things that are being understood or will be understood and interpreted as never before. Those that explore, reflect, question, don't accept things at face value, research and experiment can work out solutions to problems. As a matter of fact, one thing I read said that that is what we need is problem-solvers. I believe it was an article about needing more math and science to solve the world's complex medical and technological problems, food shortages, architectural problems, communication problems, global pollution and all sorts of other hydroponic and other problems facing the globe. Jacque Fresco and Carl Sagan have excellent material on youtube, and they were reported on the Higher Balance site today. I was placed in a reflective, higher consciousness mood because I expanded to muse on their ideas of looking down at the earth like this blip. Jacque Fresco who is 94, does not believe wars are necessary and also believes that politics is an anachronism, and what about currency? We need new paradigms to figure out new problems. The ways of 50 years ago do not work. Things are never standing still, they are forever in flux. I was excited about these future ideas, and believe more ideas need to come to the forefront. Koraling Lynne