Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recap of some events

Thank you from the comment from David about google issues. If I could write more eloquentlly, then maybe more of my words would make it out of this blog. Missouri Council of the Blind is an affiliate of American Council of the Blind, if I am correct. Thanks for the notice and the encouragement. I am so jazzed that a Teacher of the Visually Impaired who herself is blind has been hired in Kenai, Alaska, and if people do not know the Kenai Peninsula is a great location for fishing, and Homer is very relaxing. Last Monday, we heard that someone who is blind and in prison will be leaving there. I had told my friend about the Fortune Society which does still exist in New York, and I also mentioned taht there are prisoner re-entry programs. The Alaska Native Justice Center has one. I knew about that through AmeriCorps last year. I received a call from an organization who had lost my paperwork, and I told the woman that they were courteous in letting me know. An interview was scheduled, and I just took the paperwork with me. It was a blessing in disguies, I said, since I did better on the second application than the first. Someone I knew had tried to commit suicide, and that is so sad. In California people are put on 72 hour hold. I told a friend that she needed to go to DFYS (Division of Family and Youth Services) but they may not be named that any more, and get her relative, who is turning 18 and has a chronic illness might be able to get on a fixed income welfare program. Wednesday, I heard that a post office in Alaska does not know about the Franken Privilege (free matter for the blind and visually impaired) and was going to make someone pay for Braille books or not release them until payment was received. I received a phone call about an energy rating, another great program which is run by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. I said that that was perfect timing. I received an e-mail concerning audio description in Alaska from a person who works on that. So, it has been busy, not to mention the board with the Blind Information Technology Specialists has been taking up time. Anyway, that catches up on the essentials. Koraling Lynne I went to the doctor who takes Medicare and I am always put off by them, and went yesterday.


Anonymous said...

busy month Lynne! Why is there free postage for folks that are blind or visually impaired? Is it for all stuff or just some?

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