Friday, August 12, 2011

So Much to Do

I had lunch with a friend yesterday, and spoke more to my new contact in Costa Rica, who just happens to be low vision. I think we have five people for our affiliate marketing idea and all of us are really good people. I also heard from the VA, and realized the skills I have. I am banishing all negativity from myself, and even though I do tell people that I believe religion will be replaced by more spirituality (all religion should be more spiritual) that should not frighten or anger anyone. It should just create debate, and open people's minds. I believe religions have started wars and dissension, and even though there have been problems with spiritual groups also, no doubt, a more universal concept of God would be prudent. I think forcing any idea on anyone is not very positive. I also applaud anyone who can make it and be an entrepreneur, and hope that we all can communicate better with each other. When I think of how many people do not return phone calls, and really know how to verbally communicate, it is shocking and appalling. We must get better at feedback, communication, and other forms of language that will bring people together, and not divide us. The VA won't pay me yet, but either that, the job I applied for, the affiliate marketing, my business in helping people understand web concepts to make sites more accessible, the telephone marketing, facilitating, or entrepreneurship will pay off, I believe and hope by October. There is so much good I can do for people. The Rural Health and helping the Director should be really fun and use skills and gain skills, and coordinating, traveling, newsletters, minutes for a fledgling part of the VA Health Center is exciting. Koraling Lynne

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