Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflections on whatever

I have always felt different. I thought it was because I was blind, and so few of us are congenitallly blind. We are a distinct minority. Then I realize that I am Jewish or was born that way, and that was a miniscule minority, also 2%, i learned in 1983 or so of the world's population. Now, I know I am also considered a "white cell" a person who reflects and tries to solve problems of others and find a better way for everyone, without rancor or remorse. I feel wise sometimes, as if I could teach and train and be an instructor, but I did not like being an instructor so much of Braille and technology for four years. I thought I would like it and the students, but many complained about me, and I'd fall asleep because there was so much repetition, and it was boring teaching touch typing. Even though every student was different, some were complaining and blaming, and I had enough of that, and others' naivete and quirks, and passivity and some phoniness, or eruptions. The condo meeting was pretty good yesterday, but it was when one person started getting angry that my stomach ended up in knots. Tyler is a good facilitator. I thank Pual, our neighbor, for walking me over to the next building. Well, much to do before I embark on my trip for the internet marketing conference. Thanks for listening. Koraling Lynne

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