Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good energy etc.

Kim and Reggie Harris are singing from a live concert on WFMT Folkstage in Illinois, and it reminds me of going to concerts, swaying and feeling so good! I really miss being at concerts, and I remember the Michigan Women's Music Festival and that was in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and then the Bay Area Women's Festival where we camped, and I had a dog and sleeping bag, maybe Ragu, and maybe Hesper. I cannot remember. I went with Julie, a friend of Cheryl's. I received help, and I remember going to the showers and getting food in the outdoors, and the showers were cold! We walked out of some concernt, or got word of some racism and we all organized with Sweet HOney in the Rock and protested the racism there. I cannot remember all the details. Some neighbors at the time were also there at the Festival. That was my life as a feminist. I still believe in dignity for women, people of color, disabled people and everyone who has been shunted aside by society. Kim and Reggie were singing a song which we used to sing about "We have the right to the tree of life." So, where do we go from here? We must respect each other, and have dignity for every human being. We must not let our emotions win, but must think before we say something. We must also use meditation to calm our minds and realize that we live on a living planet. Happy Independence Day everybody! Spirituality is becoming more evident, and science and spirituality are merging. The scientific knowledge that was "downloaded" to us last week is still percolating and that is great. Koraling Lynne There is such great energy when people get together and sing, etc.

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