Wednesday, July 20, 2011

conference and convention

Last wek from the 8 of July until the 16 of July was one of the better conventions and conferences I have attended. First, at the airport we ran into Anna Olsen, wife of the departed James R. Olsen, and that was great to see her, and we never did get together for dinner. Then we ran into Rex when we had secured our luggage. We were on the plane all night or 2:40 we got on the plane instead of 1:45. I think we had dinner with Chris and Marvelena at the Oyster House, I guess after we had something to eat, and we did get into our room right away. It was a nice room. We were in Room 1168, I believe. I did not rest, because I was reading the stuff about restaurants and such. Luckily, we had no worshops on Friday, but Saturday, I checked in to the computer, and someone wanted to check his also, and his wife worked for Bookshare. I went to the Information Access Committee and ran into Sarita Holliday, (if spelled right) who I have always liked since we met her at a mid-year meeting. She was sitting to my left. Many people have iphones, and ipads, I guess also, and all sorts of Apple devices. The panelists were good about the Levelstar product, and all sorts of other products. I spoke to Don Horne, who is a rehabilitation Counselor in New York. He is now using a wheelchair, and I spoke to him and Sarita about addiction in the blind community, which is connected to trauma and though it was brought 15 years ago, it did not go anywhere because so many on the ACB Board did have addictions. I believe there are alcohol addictions, sex addictions, and process addictions. I also believe that there is more depression. I went to a women's circle, and that was good also on Wednesday, I think. I met some cool women named Sylvia, Sandy and Nancy from Venetia, California during a safety on the internet discussion. That was great! They were going to exhibits, and I asked to tag along. Nancy and I had a whale of a time going from booth to booth, etc. I picked up about six CD'S and had one from the Public Relations seminar on Sunday. I did not go to the fund-raising for non-profits one, or the employment seminar because I went to "How to Work a Room" for the Human Service Providers. I saw two movies that were described by professional describers, where the narrator's explanations are imbedded in the film. I finally saw "Social Networking" on Thursday, and that was good. There was a flight simjulator which was audible and it is software and you use the keyboard to go left or avoid collisions. I saw the Bureau and Engraving folks also, and that was fun andI could see the two designs. Well, I'm fading fast, so I'd better go. It was wonderful to meet some new friends, and hang out and have them be interested in phoning me to check my schedule. Koraling Lynne This was the 50th anniversary of the American Council of the Blind. The awards presentations were stellar, and the ACB jeopardy was great. The general session which spoke about HIPAA and safety was great. I also enjoyed the panel on newer members.

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