Monday, July 4, 2011

Treading water

In a peer counseling session, I was asked how long had I ever felt stagnant, or when was the first time? I always felt that my opinions did not matter, or that I was ignored, or that no one noticed me. She suggested thta I form a posse of sorts, or a pack of people who would surround me and be there for me. People would encourage and acknowledge me, and notice who I could be, not act as if I was in the way. A pack, school, flock, swarm, or other groups who count on each other. We are not single, but multiple connected beings. I don't want to be sad, disconnected, angry, or bitter, or unhealthy or alone or isolated any more. I have had enough of all that, and I am tired of people not processing and working on themselves. We cannot drown it out, or use addicitions to push it down so we don't have to process it, or change the subject. I am a healing being, and a loving being, who has multiple skills and don't know what to do. I can help people figure out where they need to improve processes and there are new technologies coming online all the time. Just let me work with people to enhance their work. Koraling Genius Consultants is at the ready for you. Koraling Lynne

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