Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20 years

Today, it is the 20th anniversary of my coming to Alaska, namely Juneau. I remembering entering the air space and how different the air was.
It was so quiet, one could hear a pin drop. Has Alaska been good? Well, I never had the health problems I have had or the dysfunctionality of things since coming here. I did have adventure, triumph, adversity, and great experiences. I think I should go sometimes. Many older people do leave for "greener pastures" and graze somewhere else. I guess it's not time yet, but health practitioners I have here, as I did when I was leaving california, but then I did not have a house (condo) nor a husband, and I was freer to leave, though I had ties, or cords, and all that and now ... I wonder if I'll ever work again for money.
Okay, Steve, I hope this is easier on the eyes in paragraphs and not jumbled together. Koraling Lynne
I don't want to be dissuaded from the good work I can do here for other people.