Thursday, December 22, 2011

very interesting reflections waking up

I awakened and the feeling of a dream was with me but just the remnants of the fact that I had one. I was thinking of Cris Williamson's album "the Changer and the Changed" a great album where she sang "child of God" and the chorus: "Filling up and spilling over, it's an endless waterfall" and the weather person on KTUU here in Anchorage was speaking about ice and water density and the molecules, and I thought of our body being water. Then I wrote a poem in my head, which went something like this: or it's a song: when the time is right the bird will fly, in fourths and fifths like a refrain, Being stuck on the ground and tethered on the ground, Now I lift or move without a sound, As I am beginning to soar, I gain speed and confidence, I fly even more, The wind pushes me through the solar system and the galaxy. Koraling Lynne

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