Sunday, December 18, 2011

Turning Points

Higher Balance changed its site for members. It is wordpress, and I cannot figure out how to introduce a new post and send it jus tlike the inforenegades I tried to send one or two messages, and found it too frustrating. Their old site is still active. In the class Friday, we were working on healing our bodies by noticing and feeling with our energy centers the blood vessels, bones and lymphatic system. We develop patterns in thought, emotions, and bodily position that we think are normal, but they are not. I told Ron, the homeopath about this, but I had a revelation that pain is a block in the body just like emotions blocks and intellectual blocks, where we have thoughts that perseverate or panic or whatever we think will occur. The instructor online said we should see the color, the shape, the weight or size, or the problem, and keep reducing it or change our thought about it. I discussed it with the chiropractor also. I felt as if a turning point was on the horizon, just on the precipice of one. Hmm. Koraling Lynne

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