Sunday, December 4, 2011

Any dreams left?

I dreamed towards the morning that I forgot to go to the Veteran's Administration Healthcare System. I was late or something, and phoned my supervisor. I have no motivation to do anything these days. I am better from the cold, and that is good. I keep wanting things to get better. There are good things such as a friend phoning on Thursday night, which was very nice, even though I was already asleep. Saturday night I stay up for folk music. I have to schedule rides tomorrow, although since this blog seems to work on California time, it is probably Sunday already. I have to stop volunteering for things, and get on things I can do to take action, as my son says. For a short time, I could breathe better after the bad cold. I am a loving person, and want more out of life than I have now which is satisfying, and I wish I had more friends. Oh, well, if I had started this blog and took a time capsule back twenty years, what a different thing it would be. It seems like that, anyway. I want to work on the coaching DVD, work on PayPal for BITS and bills were paid Wednesday so I wrote the card number down, but nothing excites me. I do really like the people at the VA and what I am doing, if there is something I can think of to do, that is. Koraling Lynne

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