Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magic and artistic pursuits

I read a blog post on my Higher Balance site and the premise is taht writing is art because it is transformative, and may put one into a trance of sorts. When we become engrossed in a book, it can be magical. What about the word culture? Is the word "cult" part of culture? Is the word "spell" using words to invoke some state of mind? Magic is not just sleight of hand, is it? No, it is the language and the words and how powerful they can be. Spell is what the modern person uses for the configuration of symbols to form words, is it not? How do we choose the words we use? We use modern English, not the more German English of middle English or whatever Beowolf or those other very early books were written in, that we could not quite understand. I may have spelled Beowolf incorrectly. Nevertheless, I found the idea that art is magic and maybe magic is art, intriguing and quite interesting to reflect upon. Koraling Lynne

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