Monday, December 26, 2011

a good week

As the spiritual or higher consciousness Higher Balance hbinavigators site is now, I updated the profile, and realized how much I am connected to all sorts of people in the spiritual site. I realize that certain things about the profile I had written last year no longer applied as with certain groups and practices I wanted to do, and did not feel so much on the sidelines. Yesterday, we had steak, potatoes and later salad, and it was good. Our land lines are not working, and thank goodness, that means that I can phone the phone company about interference from the radio. I finally got in touch with one of my HBI friends (Higher Balance Institute) and it was good to speak to her today on Christmas Day. One of our good friends phoned us, but he could not reach us by phone, since they don't work. We tried all of them. Is there something outside the house that got messed up? I don't know. However, the starting of this tread was that I noticed how much I have grown with the spiritual side of my complex nature, and now I can check out the phone problem interfering with phones and Skype. Life coaching, and wisdom that I now have and share it's all good, and working on myself is good. I have so much love and caring, and one of the guests said we had so much to say in our varied experiences she had little to share. As I said, I felt as if I spoke too much, and our hosts were getting tired, and needed to take out the dog. One of the guests wanted to see our dog again, and asked if anyone was walking her. I also explained that unlike any other disability, blind people have communication, mobility and daily living deficits. We spoke about how Alaska had misused the law and that we needed legislation to fix the misapplication of federal law, and why the law was necessary in 1936 with the Randolph-Sheppard Act. Before that, blind people were making brooms, or when I was young, they might be selling lightbulbs, or parents would say that ehy could or would not hire disabled people if they were hiring authorities. I said that the federal government had a hiring quota and no other group had a 2% quota. I feel as if it will be a great year. I have been so blessed, and things can improve. My husband has such good ideals. that is good. Healing is good. I did meditate this morning. Love yourself better than anyone else so that you can spread it out to others. Accepting yourself is so important and letting things go. Stress is harmful, and I said today that the hosts and "cooks" could just relax and take their time. Our dog stayed here tonight, and at first last night my husband said to lead the dog to bed when I went to bed, and I said I'd sleep in the spare bedroom, so the dog would not get angry, my husband would not angry at begin awakened and i would not be angry at both of them or the dog and then he'd get angry. That worked. He said that the dog would go to his middle son if anything happened to him. We spoke about medical costs here and in Mexico, and how certain companies should not exist, as I think insurance companies are superfluous. One of our friends think it is criminal about some companies with power and greed lording it over tohers. We must learn from history, if we only taught it. We spoke of unions, and we spoke about the Sheraton. Indeed, I reminded people tonight that when people talk about unemployment, we always have an employment problem. Koraling Lynne

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