Wednesday, December 7, 2011

facing people

I was thinking that sighted people don't know how we know what people are thinking. So much is conveyed through the face. I won't know when to back off, because I hear the words and don't see the face, or I won't know if someone has a worried expression because I can't see them before I get angry or upset at them. I am very good, I always thought, about reading people, but I have thought people were angry or upset and maybe they were just teasing, because I could not see the corners of their mouths turn up. Dad and Sandy are sardonic at times, and I miss what they mean, or I tend to have pits in my stomach (not cherry pits) because I don't know if they mean what they say. We do have a vivid imagination. I am also referring to those who are, for all practical purposes, totally blind. We feel trapped and am inwardly focused and very self-reflective. Even if we could not see our reflection in a pool, the isolation that we often face gives us plenty of time to read and think and imagine. Yes, even though I have never seen, I imagine based on what I read or heard, since I have read a lot, and continue to try to keep my mind active. Any thoughts, anyone? Feeling someone's face has never worked, and leaves me squeamish. I know the words "frown" "smile" and always wonder if my face shows my real emotion, or if I am inscrutable? If someone sounds agry, I don't know if their face is relaxed, and I have no way to temper what I think or anything. I think music and meditation is something I relate to and understand. Koraling Lynne

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