Sunday, November 13, 2011

update week of October 17, 2011

Hello, blog fans! I can't believe that November again has gotten away from me such as other months. I am updating all of you about all things. I am learning about online banking, slowly. I learned that Wells Fargo freezes my inbox when it sends messages. I'll have to phone them. Yesterday, I went to a health fair and the young man of 27 was really nice, and learned a lot from my varied knowledge, experience and the questions I peppered at people from Animal Control, military and veterans family support or something, Identity when I guessed who they were, and several in-home assistance places, none of which take Medicare but all who take MedicAid, veterans benefits andprivate pay. I had an oral surgery test for cancer, a Body Mass Index, blood pressure, thyroid, etc. It has snowed many times since October 31, the first day it snowed here. We had an energy audit last Tuesday and the rater was very nice, indeed, and again, mentioned two of the three things we had mentioned. We did not know about adding insulation to our crawl space and that there is still a leak in the shared hallway. I have gone to the chiropractor a few times, and actually I feel better with my neck except that I have a bad sore throat, something I have not had for quite some time. Koraling Lynne

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