Wednesday, October 31, 2012

compare and contrast

On Monday morning, Joe Campbell mentioned in an odd story with the meteorologist that he thought it was funny that blind people play tennis with an adapted ball, court and racket. The article referenced the California School for the Blind. These are attitudes that lead to the perceptions about blind people being clumsy, stupid, and not able to make decisions. Later in the day, twice I was on our paratransit bus for an hour at 3:20 and then going home. People who are cognitively impaired or have problems with memory or might experience dementia cannot speak up or stand up for themselves. Speaking out and making our own decisions is vpivotal. Cinemark has headsets, but if the employees do not know how to enable what is called audio description which was the case on Saturday, then the money is wasted or squandered by the business Century 16. . Koraling Lynne