Saturday, September 1, 2012

Opening doors

Am I strong or am I afraid of my own shadow? I did do some checking on some things last week, thankfully. I want the love back in my life. I'm tired of being disconnected, sad, and that is why I remember connections with people on Skhype, or the calming mudra, or the powerful things I know about myself. I feel strong, and I feel weightless, adrift, flowing, which is not all bad, that I've lost my place in line. The Raising the Floor focus group at the American Council of the Blind conference was great. There was no "I'm better than you" or "I know more than you." or any one upmanship. It was cordial, cooperative, sharing and all that at 8:00 a.m. I had come in late from the Waverly Hills Sanitorium and it did not feel anything particular except it was hotter than the dickens. I needed two bottles of water when that was done. On the walk the next day for about 2 miles, again, needed tons of water afterwards. Okay, enough for now. Koraling Lynne I'm learning a little about FAcebook these days, and working with it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the time of year or the YEAR itself, but I am hearing from many people who are also re-evaluating their lives. I think it is a good step, one that needs to be done more often nowadays.

Tor Hershman said...

If you din't KNOW it 'twere your shadow, then it was only a shadow.

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